Remember You

"I'll always remember you . . ."

This is something words can't describe.
It's something I didn't know I felt,
but still my heart fills with joy.
This feeling inside me . . .
is love.

I can't ever forget you,
you are always in my heart.
Even when you go away,
I can still feel . . .
the warmth of your hand on mine.

These tears that fall,
they're just for you.
Do you see them,
where you are now . . .
in heaven?

************************************************** ******

well, this was just a random poem that popped into my head.
I changed it a bit, but at the moment I don't have the paper I put that on, so I'll be sure to put it in once I do. Please look at it then, again.
Until then, comments are much appreciated.

^^ thanks for reading it!