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Thread: Original Fiction: Neon Saga: Chapters 1-2

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    Default Original Fiction: Neon Saga: Chapters 1-2

    Neon Saga
    Chapter One
    The year is 2422. The Xanadian army and the Zex Army are locked in combat. The world is a battle ground. The Zex armies have great numbers and are taught to never give up. The Zex and their leader have plain for the Xanadians. Their plain is genocide. They want the world all to their selves. Their plain for world domination won’t stop any time soon.
    “Kastro get ready for school!
    A young man came walking down stairs. Kastro grabbed a bagged lunch and left the door. The young teenager went and waited at the bus stop. When he got there he saw a young girl from his school. This girl was his girlfriend. Her name was Alice. She has been dating him for a year now.
    “There’s a rumor that you’re going to race at the junk yard after school” she said.
    Every now and then the bike gangs would set up a race to see who’s the fastest. Kastro and Alice are both members of a biker gang. Their gang is known as the blue devils. This is not the only gang in the city. They gangs are always fight for control of the city. Some times people are even killed because of it. The bus stopped and the students inside left the bus. Kastro went inside the school. The bell rang and class began. Kastro took a seat in his desk. The teacher started talk. The teacher was trying to teach them about the history of the war that is going on right now.
    “With the Zex in power the Xanadians will all be killed off.” One kid said “The Zex are nothing but fascist. They’ll kill us all once they get the chance.”
    “Why don’t we all just make peace with the Zex?” a girl said.
    “It’s because the Zex don’t want peace.”
    Kastro and the other students worked on their assignments. As time went on the lunch bell rang. The students went inside the cafeteria to eat their lunches. Alice started to walk over to Kastro.
    ” Can you pick me up after school?” she said “I want to go to that race with you.”
    Kastro ate his lunch with Alice. The day went on and he left school. When he got home he got his bike out of the garage. He started his bike and drove it to Alice’s house.
    “I am here to pick you up?” said kastro.
    Alice got on the back of the bike and both of them rode it down the streets. They arrived at the junk yard. There was a large amount of people waiting there. Kastro was ready to race. The bikes lined them selves up for the race. The race track was set. The first person to make a full four circles around the junkyard won. Each racer put in 20 dollars and the winner would get it all. The racers started their engines.
    “Ok, one two three go!”
    The racers sped around the junk yard. Kastro was going strong in the led. The bikes engines roared and clicked. Kastro was on his third lap when a racer behind him stole the led. The race was over and kastro finished with second. Kastro was disappointed that he didn’t get in first. Alice grabbed his hand and kissed him on the lips. Kastro shook it off and got on his bike.
    “I’ll win the next race.” Kastro said.
    They both got on the bike a drove away. Alice got on the cell phone with one of her friends. They told her that there was a party. Kastro didn’t really know her friends that well. They were all drop outs. They found the house. People were outside the house. Load rock music was playing. The living room was packed with people. One of Alice’s friends walked towards them. She gave them both a bottle of beer.
    “Hello Alice. Is this your boy friend?” The girl said.
    “Yes, He’s great. We just came back from a race at the junk yard.” Alice said.” He only came in second.”
    The girl was a good friend of Alice’s. Alice and Kastro didn’t stay long at the party. They left and went to Alice’s house. They went into Alice’s room. They started to make out with each other. There was a small T.V. in her room. Kastro turned it on. The T.V. started to pick up the world News.
    “Today the Xanadian and the Zex clashed in heavy gun fire today. The Zex have been pushed back farther south. This has been a great victory for Xanada.”
    “That’s the news for you. They always talk about the war.”
    “We should watch a movie. I got a really scary one.”
    Alice inserted the movie disc into the movie player. They sat their watching it. The movie was about this virus that turned people into zombies. The movie was over. Kastro left Alice’s house and went home. He put his bike back in the garage. His dad was sitting on the couch in the living room. Kastro’s mom died at an early age so he only lives with his father.
    “Hello son.”
    Kastro walked up stairs into his room. It was late so he decided to go to bed. The next day he took his bike out of the garage. He had no school today because it was a weekend. He then took his bike to Alice’s house. He went to knock on her door. She answered the door. They both went on Kastro’s bike and left to go to the movie theater. At the theater they got popcorn and drinks. The movie was a comedy. The movie was about how a man could talk to animals. After the movie Kastro dropped of Alice at her house. This cycle continued from a few months. They were both happy with each other. Their relationship could never have been better. They were happy with each other. They did every thing with each other. Kastro went to Alice’s house.
    “There is going to be another race today.”
    Kastro took Alice went to the junk yard. A huge crowd was there. The bikes were lined up. This time the winner would win twice as much money then before. The racer started their engines. They gave the signal to start the race. Kastro was in third place. His bike managed to make it to second. The guy in front of him wasn’t going to give up the lead so easily. The crowd cheered on the racers. It was the last lap and Kastro was not far from been first. The race ended and Kastro finished with first. All the money was his.
    “Check out all this money I won, Alice.”
    The next day after school Kastro was talking to his friends. Alice was with him. Kastro was well known around the school. He was known to be one of the biggest drug dealers in the school. He sold drugs to the basic druggies at the school. He never has been caught. He made a lot of money with selling drugs. School ended and Kastro went home. He got on the cell phone to one of his customers. They told him to go to the gas station to drop off the dope. Kastro got on his bike and took over to the gas station. There was a group of people waiting there. Kastro handed over the dope and they gave him money. His cell phone rang. It was another dope deal. They told him there was a party and the people at the party need drugs. They gave Kastro the address. When he arrived there was cars parked every where. They exchanged money for drugs. Kastro was doing well with his business. Kastro decided to stay at this party because a few of friends were there. They gave him a few drinks and he drank them.
    “What are you doing to my girlfriend?!” A guy yelled.
    Somebody slept with another guy’s girlfriend and he found out. They both started to fight each other. The fist started to fly. Every one crowded around. One of the guys got kicked right into a lamp. He knocked it over and broke it. The owner of the house tried to break up the fight. They began to break windows. The one small fight then became a huge brawl. The party started to get out of control. Kastro decided to leave before he got involved with the fight. He was drunk but he still decided to ride his bike any ways. He road his bike back to his house. Kastro stopped at a red light. He noticed that there was somebody following him. The light turned green. They whipped out a gun and shot at him. The bullet missed. Kastro increased his speed but they chased him for a long ways before giving up. Kastro got back home and put his bike back in the garage. His dad was watching the news on the T.V. Kastro went to his room and went to sleep. The next day Kastro took the bus to school. Alice was on the bus.
    “Hey Kastro.” Said Alice.
    “Alice you need to listen to me. Someone is after me.”
    “What do you mean?”
    “Last night I left this party and some one tried to shoot me.”
    They went to school. In class the teacher was trying to teach them math. Kastro sat in his desk. The teacher babbled on. The classes felt longer then usual. Kastro watched the clock. The minutes felt like hours. The bell rang and class was over. It was lunch break. Kastro sat down on a bench and opened his bag lunch. It was the same old food he always got. After school he went walking to the bus stop. A kid on a super bike came towards him, pointed a gun and started laughing.
    “Tell your gang not to sell dugs here anymore. This is are area!” The biker said.
    The biker then drove off. Kastro was left puzzled. It was obvious that he was a rival gang member. Kastro went on the bus. When he got home he got out his bike. He took his bike to Alice’s house. Alice was there. She told him about a party that was happening. They went to the liquor store first. There they waited for some one to pull them liquor. Kastro asked this older fellow. He handed him the money. A few minutes he came out with the liquor and gave it to Kastro. Alice and Kastro went on Kastro’s bike and went to the party. There were a lot of people there. Most of them were blue devils. People were smoking outside the house. Kastro walked over to them.
    “Can I buy a smoke off of you?”
    They gave Kastro a smoke. Kastro lights his smoke. He slow starts to inhale and exhale. Alice kissed Kastro and held his hand. The music was playing loudly. The category of music was gangster rap. Kastro started to talk to the leader of the blue devils. Rem was his name. Several bikers came to the house. They were members of the rival gang. They had guns.
    “Were the vice kings and were here to end your little business. Where is your leader?”
    One of the gang members had a shotgun and fired hitting a blue devil member. Rem took his gun out and shot him. He gave Kastro a gun. Kastro shot one hitting him in the leg. They started to exchange gun fire. Sirens started to be heard. People started to run to their cars. Rem continued to fire at the rival gang. Kastro got on his bike and took the streets. A police car followed him. He took the bike into back alley. The cops cut him off. A police officer got out of his car and pointed his weapons at Kastro.
    “Get off your bike and put your hands in the air.”
    They put Kastro in hand cuffs and put him in the back of the police car. They sent him to the police station. He was put into a cell. They gave Kastro an assault charge. He had a court date. Kastro waited in his cell for a week before they let him out. The judge gave him the choice prison or the army.
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    Chapter 2
    “So you want to be soldiers. It takes a lot of hard work. Are you ready for that?”
    His training was about to begin. Kastro was sent to an army base. They showed Kastro the basics about firing a rifle. He was to shot the targets that they gave him. He aimed his rifle at the target and began to fire. His aim wasn’t that bad. He managed to hit several of the targets. They later showed him how to clean the rifle when finished. Kastro disassembled his rifle as instructed. He started to clean the rifle. When he was done he reassembled the rifle. It was time to eat. All the recruits went into the cafeteria. Kastro began to eat his meal. A soldier walked to Kastro and sat in the same table as him. He opened his mouth and started to talk to Kastro.
    “Hello, my names Kilo. I am new here.”
    Kastro told him his name. They continued to talk. It turns out that Kilo lives in the same city as Kastro. They both finished theirs food and left the cafeteria. Each morning he was to run a mile. The army was hard work. He trained every day and improved in his shooting and running. The sun beat down on them as they trained. The drill sergeant yelled at them to keep them motivated. Kastro started to do pushups. He was to do fifty but only could do forty two. Kastro was in the best shape of his life. In the sleeping quarters Kastro started to write letter to Alice. He hasn’t seen her in a month. He wrote that he missed her and wanted to see her. Kastro was going to be shipped out to the battlefield in two weeks. He was nervous. A few days later he got a letter back from Alice. It said she missed him and that she would pray for him. Today was the day he would be sent out. They put the troops in a transport craft. Kilo was sitting next to kastro.
    “Man, aren’t you excited. Were going kills us some Zex.”
    “Aren’t you afraid? We could both die.”
    “Nah man I am not dying.”
    Bullets started to hit the craft. They were getting closer to the battle field. The craft landed and dropped off the troops. Bullets were flying everywhere. The Xanadians were controlling a hill. The Zex had their tree line for cover. The hover craft left to pick up more troops. The Xanadains started to bomb the tree line. Huge balls of fire exploded in the tree line. The Zex set up a machine gun emplacement. Tracer fire was been spitted every where. Kastro started to fire his rifle at the machine gun emplacement. Each time he killed one another would take its place. The bombing continued onto the tree line. The Zex were trying to flak the hill. Kilo cut them down with his heavy machine gun. In the distance a dark dot could be seen in the distance. It was coming closer. It flew in the area and fired at the hill. It was a giant robot. A second giant robot used its energy blade and destroyed the Zex armored fighter. Kastro started to fire at the Zex soldiers in the tree line. He stopped to reload his weapon. Kilo fired heavy machine gun. The Zex started to hit the hill with artillery. Kastro and Kilo took cover in a trench. One soldier was hit. His leg was blown off and was bleeding badly. The medic quickly started to work on him. He started to groan and yell. He was put with the other wounded. The gun fire started to quit and the day soon turned into night. Kastro and Kilo sat in a trench. Every now and then a flare would be shot in the air. The soldiers stood ready pointing there guns at the tree line. The sound of a tree branch broke. It was the Zex trying to sneak up. There was an explosion of gun fire. The Zex were trying to rush them but failed. The wounded were put onto the transport craft and were taken to army base not far from the battlefield. Kastro stayed awake all night. He kept his gun pointed at the tree line. He was tired and getting hungry. Kastro opened his water bottle and drank out of it. The sun started to rise over the valley. It was morning. The Zanadians are planning an attack on a Zex camp. This camp was located on the mountain past the tree line. The soldier started to march down the hill towards the tree line. There was no sight of the enemy. They started to walk in deeper in the woods. An enemy scout spotted the troops and began to fire. Kastro used the trees for cover. Kilo fired his machine gun killing the scout. They continued their walk up the mountain. They were getting closer to a Zex camp. The Zex started to open fire. They had a machine gun set up. It fired tracers towards the Xanadians. The two sides exchanged fire on to each other. The gun fore cut right through the soldiers as they ran closer. Kastro and Kilo were giving covering fire onto the machine gunner. This gave the sniper the opportunity to kill the machine gunner. The Zex were starting to flee. The camp now was in the hands of Xanada’s troops. Some of the Zex soldiers surrendered and were taken to headquarters. The wounded were also taken back. Kastro stood in the center of the camp bewildered by what took place. He was thankful that he was alive. The transport craft loaded the soldiers and took them back to head quarters. Kastro missed his home. He wanted to be with Alice. He took out a piece of paper and started to write. He was writing a letter to Alice. He told about the battle that he was in.
    “What you writing, Kastro?” said Kilo.”Writing to your girl friend?”
    Kastro turned his head to look at Kilo. He put the paper in his pocket. He told Kilo about his girlfriend. He told him how they had bike races. The transport craft took them to headquarters. Kastro was already sick of this war. The higher ups were already planning their next attack. They would attack the main Zex City. The transport craft loaded the troops. There were about six transport crafts with troops flying in the air. The city was not that far. They started to see the city. The city had huge sky scrapers and one big tower in the middle of the city. Bullets started to hit the transport craft. Kastro got off the transport craft and started to fire his rifle. Bullets started to whiz over his head. The Zex had a machine gun in the window of a small apartment. Kastro took cover behind a car. The sound of glass breaking and deflating tire could be heard. This was the Zex final battle if the didn’t win this one the war would be won by the Zanadians. Kastro put some fire on to the machine gunner. Kastro looked into the air. A plane over head dropped what looked to be like was a bomb. It hit the ground but didn’t explode. The missile opened up. The thing inside started to move around the ground. An enemy tank was not far from the thing from the missile. It started to attack the tank. The tank looked like it was absorbing he tank. The tank exploded. The thing started to grow and attach it’s self to building. The cars around it were also absorbed. The thing made aloud cry. It continued to grow and absorb more things. The thing wouldn’t stop growing.
    “What is that thing?”
    The thing started to attack the soldiers. It started to fuse it’s self with one soldier. Kastro started to shoot at it. The thing started to grow tentacles. The tentacles then ripped apart the soldier.
    “Get away from it.”
    The soldiers started to fire at it. The Xanadian soldiers were then loaded on to a transport craft. From a far you could see the thing began to grow. The thing started to grow as big as a building. It started absorbed machine and other organisms. The city was now far into the distance. The transport craft landed at headquarters. They informed the higher ups about the thing that attacked them. They were completely puzzled on what it was. This thing continued to grow throughout the night. It started to wrap it’s self around the twin towers in the city. The thing started to morph into this a tree. Some of the Zex army was still their. The thing attacked them and absorbed their bodies. The thing was made up of flesh from organisms and metal from machines. The Xanadians started to bomb the metal monster. It cried and made a loud screeching noise. Each day the thing continued to grow. It was soon the size of the city.
    “Its clear the Zex created this. We have reports this thing was dropped from a Zex aircraft.”
    “I think we should destroy this thing before it hits home. A nuclear hit will get id of it.”
    The high ups continued to talk about the machine. They decided to call the machine Mecha X because of its metal base. Jets were sent to Mecha X. They flew over the machine and dropped a nuke. The explosion expanded the length of the city. The smoke cleared and bits of the machine were still remaining. The machine now lay in rubble. The machine was not destroyed. Mecha X started to regenerate itself.
    Kastro was back at home. He did his time and he left the army. He was inside his garage looking at his bike. He hasn’t road it in a long time. He took it over to Alice’s house.
    “Oh, I missed you. I got your letters.”
    Kastro hugged her and kissed her on the lips. They held each other for a long time. He went inside Alice’s house. The news was on. It started to tell about this machine that was coming to the city. It started to show images of the machine. The image was of a huge tower that the machine was attached to.
    “That thing is still growing?” said Kastro.” I remember seen that thing on the battle field. I thought they dropped a nuke on to it. That’s weird that thing is still alive.”
    “Do you know what it is?”
    “I have no clue. Turn that thing up.”
    Alice increased the volume of the T.V. The news man said that the machine was not far from the city and that most of the Zex city are been destroyed by it.
    “The thing appears that it can absorb both mecha and living things. The machine has been given a name. The name is mecha X. We think the machine will hit the city in four hours. We have just been given word that there going to evacuate the city.”
    “Their going to evacuate the city?”
    The T.V. started to show more of the machine. The machine started to morph into a tree like form. The camera zoomed in onto the tree. The tree dropped seeds. This white life form came out of these seeds. They looked human but they were white including the hair. The camera was zoomed in on them.
    “It’s clear that the Zex have made this machine. We have a scientist with us to tell us more about this machine. What is this thing Doctor?”
    “This machine was made in the lab. We believe that this thing is a living organism. It lives a lot like a germ. This thing can adapt to its environment and evolve at high rates. We think the germ is going to cover the planet with in two months.”
    “Should we fear this new germ?”
    “This germ could be the end of all life as we know it.”
    Both Alice and Kastro continued to watch the T.V.
    “That’s bull ****.” Kastro yelled.
    “It will end all old life forms and create a new race of species.”
    Some one knocked on the door. It was a police officer. He told Kastro and Alice that he is going to take them to a rescue shelter. The city was been evacuated like the T.V. said. People were put on bus and taken to army base. The army continued to bomb the machine. Any land weapon would be absorbed into the machine so only air weapons were used. The germ absorbed every thing. The machine stretched on for 1500 miles. Bombs continued to drop on it. The germ started to hit the city.
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