I'm not sure if "Salva Nos" has been brought up in these forums before, but using the search tool didn't bring up anything.


The line Exaudi nos et misrere is incorrect both in spelling and in translation.

Misrere should actually be miserere, and the translation would be Hear us and have mercy.

Also, a hostibus I think should be ab hostibus, but that could just be a grammatical flaw the songwriters overlooked (like saying a enemy instead of an enemy), since the singer is clearly not saying ab.

The final change would be at Inter ovas locum. Correctly, this should be written as Inter oves locum, as taken from Dies Irae where more than just that line is used for the song, I believe.

So the song should go along the lines of

Dominus Deus
exaudi nos et miserere
exaudi, Dominus

Dona nobis pacem
et salva nos a hostibus
Salva nos, Deus

Dominus exaudi nos
Dominus miserere
dona nobis pacem
Sanctus, Gloria

Dona nobis pacem
e dona eis requiem
inter oves locum
voca me cum benedictis
Pie Jesu Domine, dona eis requiem
Dominus Deus, Sanctus, Gloria