Ok, so, as promised, here is the bigining of the Lelouch and Kazera Chronicle!
Here is a picture of the Nekomata, from left to right is Kazera, Hanara, and Yumera.

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This fanfic takes place around episode four of R2, If you havent watched Code Geass, either watch the show, look it up on Wikipedia, or wait for a a chronicle with a show you are familiar with. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Lelouch and Kazera: Chapter One

Lelouch walked through the shaddows and alleyways toward the Chinese Federation, trying to stay hidden in the dim twilight, wearing his Zero guise and holding his mask in his right arm. He was going to meet CC to discuss battle strategies. It had been a long time since the Black Knights had had him, and he was far behind. Having his memory erased was a huge stab in the back from Suzaku. Lelouch stopped, holding he bridge of his nose between his thumb and index finger, trying to frget the memory of Suzaku holding him down while his father took away the last things he held dear, his memories and...
"Nunally..." he whispered shakily under his breath. Shudders wracked his entire body.

Then, a tiny mewing sound snapped him back to reality. He whirrled around on the spot, searching the dark alley. All his eyes could see in the dim light were several cardboard boxes. He heard the mewing again.

"Is that you Arthur?" he asked, wondering if the cat from his home at Ashford Academy had followed him out. A tiny flash of tan caught the corner and he tunred to look, gasping at the sight that met his eyes.

A small cat stood about 6 feet away. It was tan and black with large red eyes. The thing that surprised Lelouch the most were her two bushy tails that swayed behind her.

"A cat with two tails?" breathed Lelouch. He crouched down, reaching his hand out, "Are you lost?"

The cat jumped back a few inches. Lelouch sighed, "Whatever," as he stood up and turned to walk away. After about ten feet, he turned to see the cat was right behind him. Twenty feet later and she was still right behing him, in his shadow the whole time. Finnaly he stopped and turned toward her, holdong a hand out.
"Would you like to come with me?" he asked.
In the bling of an eye the tiny creature had jumped forward, ran up Lelouch's arm, behind his neck, and settled on his shoulder inside his collar.
"Ok," hs said, "I'll take that as a yes."

CC was sitting on her bed in the base, eating pizza and holding Cheeze-kun when Lelouch walked in.

"I found something interesting," he said, removing his mask before taking the cat out of his collar and placing her on the bed.

"Hmmm," sighed CC, picking up the kitten up under the arms and holding it before her. Lelouch moved to look out the window.

"It's a demon," came CC's voice from behing him.
"What?" he asked, turning around.
"It's a nekomata a two-tailed cat."
"That's no demon!" said Lelouch, a smile coming to his face. But CC had taken her gun, placed the cat on the floor and taken aim at it.
"God, CC, don't SHOOT it!" said Lelouch, but he jumped back when the small cat had bursed into a ball of flames that grew into a huge fire ball that went out to reveal a huge saber-toothed beast that snarled in the gun's direction. A faint whisper of a voice echoed in Lelouch's head.
Are you crazy! Put that thing away!

Lelouch looked around for the source of the voice, but was then distracted by CC and the demon standing before him.
"See?" said CC, lowering her gun, "I never intednded to shoot it, just to lure it out of that little form so you don't think I'm crazy."
The voice in Lelouch's head was growing stronger, a full blown voice now.
"You're crazy alright you green haired freak!"
And then he realzed where it was coming from. It was coming from the demon, eminating from her very being.

"It TALKS!?" he asked.
CC and the demon's heads turned tword him.
"You can hear her?" asked CC.
"You can hear me?" asked the demon.

Next time we learn the about demon-cat's story in the Code Geass world, her connection with Lelouch and why only he can hear her thoughts, and it is revelaed thet their destinies are intertwined forever. And also, a poster for this section will be posted as well.^^ Have fun! I know it is slow now, but it will speed up once we get into the ark. Please have patience with me and stick around to see what happens to Lelouch and Kazera, and the battles they will have to fight together!^^