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Thread: Original Fiction: Fate? Chapter 1

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    Default Original Fiction: Fate? Chapter 1

    I hope you like my fiction

    Riley walked quietly down the academy halls as he usually did, people giving him peculiar looks that he only shrugged off. People always despised him because as cute as he was the girls never did get a word from him. He liked it quiet and mums, he didn't need anything bothering him with their stupid antics. Girls always did bring trouble and at the moment he never did find the one that could him speak. Still moving along he headed outside, putting his hand out to block the sun for a moment. The grass and leaves under him only scrunched against his shoes as he moved.

    Dawn smiled to herself as she hummed happily to herself. She walked through the halls of the academy alone, although the people around her were in pairs or trios. She closed her eyes for a moment, breathing in deeply before going outside.

    Dawn stretched her arms in the sunlight, still smiling. "It's such a nice sunny day today!" she chimed. She stopped as she heard the close murmurs of a pair of girls nearby. They whispered to each other idly, staring at someone as they did. Dawn cocked her head slightly before turning to where their attention was directed.

    They were looking at a good-looking boy, with light blonde hair. He was alone and looked like the quiet type of person. She smiled and walked up to him, smiling and waving.

    "Hi there!" She greeted him like a good friend, "Why are you alone here? I ask because you look like a guy with many friends." She giggled.

    Looking at her with a smile, "I'm always alone..." Covering his mouth abruptly because of the fact he never really did speak to anyone. "I don't have that many friends. I'm just a quiet person." Huffing out with a smile.
    "Well..Dawn did have a feeling you were a quiet person. And by the way, Dawn is me," She smiled again, "Mind if Dawn sits next to you?" She giggled.

    Rolling his eyes in a shrugging like way he let a smile appear, "Yes. Sure... Dawn. I-I'm Riley." He added quietly, looking back down to the ground as he rolled his feet under him and layed his head back, playing with his hair and trying to get his mind off of everything. He wasn't one bit good with talking to girls so he was too afraid to speak and say something stupid--he wasn't a social person. Instead he just shut his mouth and left it at that.

    Dawn sat next to him and smiled, "You look really cute when you smile!" She giggled before adding, "Don't let me get to you. I'm only kidding around." She smiled and asked, "Riley, huh? How long have you been here? At the academy I mean, not here." She looked up at the sky and closed her eyes.

    Gazing off towards the sky, looking dazed a bit before he decided to answer. "A few years. I don't really keep track of time. It seems to be of no real purpose to me. Yes Riley." Not caring for jokes as he closed his eyes, "Be lucky if I smile at all. I guess I'm a little depressed some times. Sorry for that." He added, more of a muffle than anything. "How long have you been here?"

    "Oh. It's okay..I don't really mind, just..cheer up a bit okay?" She said, peering up at him. "I've only just started I don't really know anyone. You're my first friend!" She giggled. "So are you a guardian or a royal?" She asked, her soft smile easy to see.
    Staring at her, "A Royal. Not that it matters. I'm just a normal... person."

    Not able to fit words right cause in terms he was very much depressed--even though he told her that, he felt bad over it. "I'll try to cheer up." Rubbing his hair and afraid he would end up hurting this girl, his powers some times growing violent. Riley began finally stroking his hair with his hands before smiling, "I guess your my first friend too." Not seeing the fact that she was a Vampire, who unusually, they had strange powers of persuasion to make you speak--beauty being one of them.

    " Really?" She smiled sheepishly, "I'm happy then!" She giggled afterwards, clearly not realising she was using her persuasion to make him speak.
    "I'm a Guardian," she stated rather happily. Dawn felt a bit dazed, but took no notice, as she was having a good time. "I wonder why we have to be, can't Royals be Guardians or vice versa?"

    She rested her chin on her knees as she hugged her legs. Then she let out a quiet sigh.

    Riley smiled, "I suppose so. I never did fit a Royal... not a Guardian either. Just my own little party I guess." Shrugging a bit as he looked at her, trying to get his mind and eyes off of her, having urges to tell her how beautiful she was. "Wow..." He said out loud, blushing as he turned his head. "You're very... beautiful." Gulping down his last words as he layed his head back and closed his eyes.

    Dawn turned to him, her face slightly blank. Her lips slowly curved into a smile. "You really think so?" She giggled as she watched him blush. Riley blushed at her, "Oh. I don't think so, I know so." Letting a smile come across him as his head stayed leaned back, eyes shut tightly and trying to get his mind off the peculiar, but equally beautiful girl.

    "Stay still..." She whispered, leaned closer, holding onto his shoulder. "Stay still?" He asked, thinking for a moment as he shrugged, "Well I'm already still so that won't be much of a problem I suppose." Riley starting to wonder why she asked him to stay still. Her lips were slightly puckered, as if she was going to kiss him. But in reality, she was quite parched and felt like a drink of blood. When she realised what she was about to do, she was shocked quite a bit.

    She lingered on her shock for a few moments before coming to her senses and kissing him on the cheek.

    "That's a thank you from me," she giggled, as if she were about to do that all along. She moved back and pondered on what they were saying. "You're really cute! Especially when you blush!" She giggled again, it being a habit of hers.

    Suddenly he felt her damp lips touch his cheek, soft, and made his insides curl. Eyes spreading open he blushed even more broadly, five different shades of red coming down on him. "O-Oh..." Not sure what to say as he put his arms around himself, growing a bit cold but yet warm at the same time. "Um. Thanks?" Biting down each word, keeping them close between him and her he blushed even more, "Well you're just cute everywhere. No matter what you do."

    Dawn giggled before clearing her throat. She looked around, feeling eyes staring at them. She turned back to Riley and smiled. "Everyone thinks we're .. a couple," she blushed at the last two words, "..even though we've just met."

    She looked back to the floor, her cheeks still tinged with pink. She placed her hand on her cheek, feeling how warm it was. She looked back to Riley through the corner of her eye, watching his reaction.

    Blushing twice as much as he looked at everyone, crossing his arms and rocking himself back and forth. "I suppose so..." Not sure how to comment on it, a little angry about people staring but at the same time he didn't mind and kind of liked the idea. Staring at her he hugged her, pressing his cheek against hers and enjoying the warmth as he almost melted into her.

    Dawn was surprised at the sudden hug but then relaxed. She felt her heart beating so fast and so loud, she was sure Riley would hear it anytime soon. She felt herself go hot and cold as she closed her eyes.

    Slowly, she felt her heart start to beat slowly and she started to calm down, her cheeks still flushed. She opened her eyes staring at his handsome face....

    Be careful with what you do, warned her rosario as it glowed a soft red.
    Dawn closed her eyes once again. She was feeling suddenly drowsy. She slowly started to lose consciousness, feeling dizzy. She fell onto Riley and as she did, her lips touched his not to her knowledge.
    She was unconscious, after all, from a fever.


    Please give me feedback! I need it >.<

    Arigatou Gozaimasu~~

    ` ~ P.G.E <3

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    One word. Intense.
    Yes please post more.
    The ability that you have to put your aduience where you want them is awesome.
    Me being able to relate to the guy, helped.

    What inspried this novel?
    The movie Twilight?
    Or a game called Battle On?
    Just a question. The story seems to have bits from them, but the way you've managed to put it together.. very original.
    Hope to see more soon.

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