So I'm completely new with this fun filled activity and it often leads to instantaneous rage. However, I'm learning and experimenting so I'm sure I'm getting better. I've had as many failures as I've had successes but hey I do enjoy spending 5 hours to realise that IT BURNS MY EYES!!!!

So I'd thought I'd start with my first sig which is so bad I can't stop laughing. If I recall correctly, I used quick mask mode for the extraction. . . . LOL. It must have taken ages and that's why the edges are more like a saw.

Then I didn't touch CS3 for months and had a string of eyesores. I created this mess which I don't plan on touching again. Extraction choices . . . . geee.

Then some completely random night I did these.

They turned out great and I got the bug again. Now I only just messed with fractal pattens and have not tried to touch the wonderful pen or brush tools. I'll probably stab things with them later on.

After my exams I did this guy:

I love the contrast and it's my favourite to date. Best of all, it took me 1.5 hours to do which is a fraction of the other projects.

Sooooo I got bored of the fractals and decided to do something different. "Let's work with an image" said the brain. So I took this random image and to be completely different, I got myself an army game dude. Very un-Momo for the zero cuteness. Anyhoo this thing just peed me off and I just could not get it to turn into something. The original picture had NOTHING in the top left and I think the lack of detail caused me to go on a witch hunt .. . .

Oh yeah that was the first time I messed with patterns. I think you could use them all the time but I'd rather not. Well my friend created this on the computer and I decide to KILL IT. Again going with the original picture, I wanted to have a sig that wasn't altered too much. I adore this picture [I'm going to buy a huge print from her] so it was a no to an extraction. Since I didn't want to do much I ended up going insane with the blur tool and just wacked the same pattern as the above sig. I did experiment with some c4ds and fractals but it just made the sig rather cluttered.

Anyhoo attack me with various stabbing weapons so I can improve.