Of all the systems to have, a 95 and Vista. Anyway...

I have an XP on the porch [which is missing NTLDR (New Technology Loader)] which now no longer boots up at when--either the cell battery has died, or when my dad decided to fiddle around--move components to his liking--it crashed. Now it's a porch ornament. That saddens me.

Next came my Vista [which was bought August of this year] It was perfectly.

My brother had a Windows 95 just sitting in his attic, so I decided to theive it from him. When I got home and hooked it up, a lovely message decided to make its way to the screen; himem.sys missing.

The first thing that popped into my mind was to go download himem.sys from a site onto a floppy then insert it into Windows 95; I forgot my Vista doesn't have a floppy drive, so I used one of my CDRW's. However, I'm wondering before I go do that, can Windows 95 read CDRW's?

If not, I'm pretty sure it won't read a Flashdrive; I can wait until January and do a sort of "cross downloading" at school--take my CDRW to school plus a floppy, put both in the computer and transfer files. I'd rather fix the system now.

After I get the system running I was going to transfer pictures from that computer to this computer, then hand them to my brother [since he wants to keep the pictures].

After I transfer all the pictures I was wondering can I install Vista onto 95?

Main Questions:
  • Is Windows 95 CDRW / Flashdrive compatible?
  • Can I install a floppy drive into Vista?
  • Can I install Vista into Windows 95?
Sorry for the lengthyness.