Chapter 2.

Morning came fast, at last. Mary’s eyes fluttered open – Her long blonde eyelashes curved alive. Yawning hysterically, she opened her rusty window and smelled the air of morning Ambercue. Smiling, Mary opened her wardrobe, a wooden polished closet, and picked out a lovely red plaid dress. It was one her favourite pieces that her mom had made her. Mary then moved to her mirror and dresser, following her morning routine, she took her hairbrush and elegantly started to brush her lovely golden curls. Mary sighed. She was bored of her morning routine. And although it only took about 15 minutes to get ready for breakfast, she needed some pizzazz. She bent down and opened the last draw of her dresser. Mary held in her small hands a old radio. She clicked play.

“You ain’t nothin’ but a hound- dog...” boosted out from the radio loud enough to only just hear Kate Petersons, her mother shouting at the top of her lungs from the kitchen. “Mary! Turn down that racket and come eat your breakfast!” Mary panicked and quickly shut the radio and placed it on her shelf. Putting on her black lace shoes, she ran down the stairs. She stopped half way, looking at the banister. Mary nodded with a suspicious grin. She hopped on to the banister and shouted quietly “Cannons away!” But before she could even move an inch down, her father grabbed her by the arm and placed her and a step. “Young lady, we’ve been over the house rules a million times! How much more do I need to repeat- No sliding down the banister!” John looked furious. Putting on her most innocent sulk and apologised. Of course, she didn’t mean it. “I’m sorry father.”
Mr. Petersons smiled. “Ah, that’s alright missy. Just don’t try it again, rule breaker.”
She nodded and ran down the stairs. Phew! She thought. That was a close call!

Mary walked into the kitchen with a graceful smile and sat down at the Dining Table. “Good morning mother.” smiled Mary as she greeted her dearest. Kate Petersons turned around and placed a cup of orange juice on the table as her husband walked in. “Good morning dear.” She sat at her usual spot and started to eat at the egg and bacon. Mary peered over at her mother, as she placed a spoonful of her breakfast in her mouth. Kate Petersons was a quiet worrying person. She had a strawberry blonde bob and lovely blue eyes, as blue as Mary’s. She then looked at her Father, whom was quiet different to the Peterson girls. He had brown hair, in a nice savvy cut. He had brown eyes that were just darker than his hair.

“So uh... Mother, I hope you slept well.” Mary confided. Kate Petersons looked quiet shocked. “I did... Why do you ask?” asked Kate. Mary sneered sarcastically and said: “Well I just wanted to know how you were! Is that such a bad thing to ask?” She said grinning slightly. “Um. No, Mary. Its quiet splendid and polite to ask, but you don’t usually ask me about those-” John, her husband, Mary’s father cut in.
“Kate, don’t ask such questions. You know Mary just wants to know if you’ve decided about the Ambercue Showgrounds yet.” He said. Kate looked down and nodded.
“Mary you could of just asked me you know.” She said in a guilty tone.
“I know... But I thought you...” Mary’s voice trailed off. “Uh – So anyways have you decided? I need to know now because I want to find somebody soon, or else it’ll be hard to do it later because nobody wants to go again!” She said grinning warily. Kate looked at her husband. John just continued to eat his breakfast. “Honey, I think your father and I still need to discuss it.” Kate said smiling sweetly.
“Oh no!” said John. “It’s all up to you, Kate. I need to get to a conference and give a talk. So yes or no, all your choice.” John chuckled as he took his suitcase, said his goodbyes and left. “Mother...” said Mary. “Do you know how much I love you? I love you more than-” Kate shook her head and put her fingers to Mary’s lips to hush her.
“No Mary. Don’t even think about doing that.” Kate said sternly. She sighed. “Oh alright! You can go. But you need to wait for your father to get back home so we can go as a group. In the meantime, find somebody who’s responsible to come with you.” Kate’s voice slightly rose as she said Responsible.
“Oh thank you Mother! Oh thank, thank, thank you!!” Mary jumped out of her seat and gave her mother a tight hug as she ran out the door, slamming it harder than she ever hit a ball with her dad’s baseball bat...