The morning started off with the Host Club acting very romantic. It was Valentine's Day for another year and everywhere Haruhi turned everyone seemed to be in full swing with it. She looked at her watch it was lunch time and approached her locker to check if anyone had sent her any Valentine's Day cards, knowing Tamaki he would have sent her a whole locker full each signed by himself but there was probably a couple stuffed inside with some of her customers as she remembered a few girls staring at her from afar hoping she would accept their love for today.

But as she looked in her locker. She found particular one with the scent of cake and wrapped in pink ribbon. She almost gave thought to throw it out as it had to be from Tamaki. But as she stared again it didn't say from Tamaki, she curiously loosened the ribbon and opened the envelope and a bunny shaped card flew out. She bend down and picked it up and saw that it wasn't addressed to her at all. It was actually for Hunny and signed by the name of 'Inari' She burst out of laughter, she couldn't imagine anyone calling themselves the name of 'sweet tofu sushi' a few students peered at her as they walked off as she tried to contain her laughter.

She closed the locker and left for the music room. Once inside Tamaki was playing a beautiful melody on the piano. The twins were making boy x boy confessions for each other in front of a few nearly fainted fangirls, Kyouya was doing what Kyouya normally did, but only Hunny and Mori didn't seem to be doing anything. It was strange but nonetheless Haruhi decided that she would go over there and talk to them both.

"Kona-nachiwa Hunny Sempai, Mori Sempai" she said as she bowed. Mori was semi spacing out, but came back into focus and greeted her. Hunny came over and gave Haruhi a small kiss on the cheek. Haruhi blushed in surprise at the senior student with eyes as large as a child and a smile to match. "Good afternoon Haru-chan!!"* *Come and have some strawberry mouse cake with Takashi and me"*

"Alright" Haruhi said to him, petting his head. "Oh I almost forgot, this is for you Hunny Sempai. It was in my locker but I think it was supposed to be delivered to you. I guess whomever it was may had been too shy to deliever it themselves." She handed him the card, which had been tied a bit nicer with ribbon as she didn't want him to know she had actually knew what was inside. "Thank you Haru-chan" Hunny responded. Mori's face went red all of a sudden but kept his compusure.

"Who's Inari?" asked Hunny looked up at Haruhi. Haruhi just shrugged and turned to Mori to see if he had any clue. But Mori excused himself from them both and said he'd be back soon. Kyouya who was keen and observant about anything or anyone in the Host Club and kept profiles in a little black book followed to where Mori had gone.

Hunny was completely obvious and Haruhi sat down and had some cake and talked to Hunny. Kyouya finally caught up to Mori. Mori jumped, which was very odd for the rather tall and husky spoken student. "You seem to have a special place in your heart for Hunny and today is one day you wanted Hunny to know that" Mori nodded, he was being so quiet it was almost as if the cat had really got his tongue.

"I won't say anything, but I think you should tell him the truth." Kyouya said. Mori watched as Kyouya turned away to go back into the music room but Mori grabbed his arm. "How did you guess it was me?" his deep voice embarrased and curious. "It was very obvious. For one nobody has the name of a piece of sweet rolled up sushi" Mori lifted his hand to this forehead and a sweat drop hung down the side. "I guess I can't even fool him" Mori took a deep breath and decided the best way to tell Hunny was alone and where nobody could see or interfere.

Mori came back into the room and walked over to Haruhi and Hunny. Haruhi was just pouring a third cup of tea for him. "Mitsukini, um...can I have a word with you in the garden?" he was shaking so hard inside that he never expected to be so nervous at that moment as he did speaking to him. Hunny stood up and smiled up at him and nodded. "Haru-chan look after Bun Bun for me won'tcha?*" he asked her. "Sure Hunny" Mori walked a steady but a quick pace trying to get Hunny to follow him quickly before nerves overcame his thoughts.

The young boy followed like a cat or dog close to it's master. The setting was perfect. Cherry blossom petals gently blowing in a warm wind and a few got in their hair. Now Mori had a new worry, he didn't want to talk down to him like he was a child, no he decided he'd get down on his knees and talk to him. As he did that Hunny stared at him, a bit confused but also very happy to be outside with Mori.

"Um, Mitsukini," Mori started off. "Yes, Takashi?" " Mori's face went bright red and pulled him close. Mori could feel the warmth of Hunny against him, it was almost as if everything was unwinding itself out like a perfect dream, only difference is the dream was becoming more of a reality. "That say...Happy Valentine's Day" Mori's mind crashed as the words he was trying to say were not the words that were in his head at the time.

"Happy Valentine's Day" "Mitsukini, I wrote it" "Huh?" "I wrote you that was wasn't Haruhi. I'm Inari..." Hunny looked up at him and giggled. "I knew it was you" "But...But, how?" "I remember prior to being in the Host Club this morning you brought in a cake and your card smellt like strawberries." "Oh..." "Happy Valentine's Day" Hunny leaned up till he was up to Mori's waist. Mori was so thrilled and picked him up and for a moment, a very lovers moment Mori kissed Hunny on the cheek but Hunny instead leaned his head upward and gave Mori a kiss on the lips.

"And Takashi, I love you" "And I love you Mitsukini" Both said this with smiles on their face.