I'm wondering What I was born for?
I'm wondering what I can say?
Day by day I lose my zest for be alive,but I have an eagerness for life still
The life is no exit labyrinth
if so how I went into this life?
The wind of time keep blowing through me with the sorrows,and it robs me of memories

Hajimemashite, Tsukasa desu. Douzo Yoroshiku. I cannot speak Japanese. Just so you know. That's just a phrase I picked up. I had to look it back up it's been so long since I tried to learn Japanese.
I like Shōnen anime. Things like, well...Death Note is cool. I also started watching Lucky Star, and read a manga by the same creator (I forget the name and don't want to look for it)

I love .hack. Seriously LOVE IT! I don't know what else to say.

Also Guess the band who has lyrics in the post title and at the top in white and win a prize! (The prize is