...but seeing as there are so many "hey" threads I'd reckon I could be more original. So hi I am probably not the first newbie to try and be funny but damn I'll try. First off my name. Call me what you will. Persistance, Persist, Persy but my real name is Jack. My taste for anime traces back to when I was just a youngling of the age of 8. Yes it was Pokemon. Admittedly it was good back in those years but now blah. And now I've "grown", I'm into pretty much anything as long as there is a good storyline to it and not repetitive.

I'm studying VCE Unit 1 and 2 Japanese which pretty much is senior level Japanese. My knowledge of the language is a teensy wee bit above average but I'm not the best. So yeah that's all the basics about me. Oh I like drawing and maybe I'll post some pictures up. Thanks for reading yet another introduction thread and I thank you for wasting your time to read and reply. *wants a thumbs up smiley*