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Thread: Inuyasha Fanfiction: Christmas Edition One-shot

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    Default Inuyasha Fanfiction: Christmas Edition One-shot

    At Higurashi's residence...


    No response..

    Inuyasha:Kagome..? -Looks around rooms then to the first floor-

    Kagome is nowhere to be found.

    Inuyasha:-Rushed down to the first floor quickly and out the house-

    Inuyasha:-Saw her fixing up a triangle-shaped tree-


    Kagome:Inuyasha?-Turned to look at him-

    Inuyasha:I am searching for you for hours!

    Kagome: ^^|| Gomenasai.I am busying making up the tree.

    Inuyasha:That? -Points to the said tree-

    Kagome:Hai.It's Christmas.-Contented look-

    Inuyasha:Kek.Christmas,big deal!-Crossed his arms-What's Christmas anyway?

    Kagome: Christmas is a special day where everyone give presents and decorate their house with a Christmas tree. ^^

    Inuyasha:Hm?Presents? -Thinks of himself getting squashed by tons of instant noodles!-

    Inuyasha: Ahh.... -Small drop of saliva fall from his mouth-


    Kagome: INUYASHA!

    Inuyasha:-Being interrupted- H-Huh? What is it!?

    Kagome:Your saliva is dripping...[Give a freaked out look]

    Inuyasha: ARGH!? -Embarrased,wiped off the saliva quickly and face turned red-

    Inuyasha:W-WELL...It was an accident -Sulked-

    Kagome: Since you say so.. [Disbelieving]


    Kagome:Inuyasha!Want to help me to decorate the trees?

    Inuyasha:Hm?What is there to decorate?

    Kagome:These![Showed ornaments]

    Kagome:And a star on top of the tree which brings out joy and laughter.

    Kagome: Do it like this.[Hung a candy cane ornament on the tree]

    Inuyasha:-Watched her like a kid who just discovered something new-

    Inuyasha:Ohhh..Sore ka.-Picked one ornament up-

    Inuyasha:-About to hang-

    Inuyasha:-Tripped over the wires and fell into the tree- ARGH!

    The whole tree crashed.

    Kagome:.... -Mouth opened wide,didn't know that Inuyasha will get so clumsy-

    Kagome:...Inuyasha...[Began to rage]

    Inuyasha: -Grasped and stand up quickly waving at Kagome- I-It was an accident... [Sweating]

    Kagome:-Ignores him- Osuwari!

    Inuyasha:-Crashed- Ah...D-Darned it..

    Kagome:Fix the trees up again! >\ -Going out-

    Inuyasha:K-Kagome!Where are you going?

    Kagome:I am going out to buy something. -.-

    Inuyasha: I want to go as well! D: -Gave a pity face-

    Kagome:Hmph. No.You are staying here to fix the trees up again!-gone-

    Inuyasha:Kek! Kagome's being cruel.Fine then,maybe she will get something back for me. -Sheepish smile-

    Inuyasha:Well,now now! Inuyasha mode! -messing around-

    Soon,the tree is fixed.

    Inuyasha:Heh.Well,that was easy.What's with Kagome complaining about!Now,with the or- What's that called?

    Inuyasha: Well,forget about the names.Let's hang up the fake animals![He is pointing out the ornaments.]

    The tree is FULL OF TONS OF ornaments.

    Inuyasha:-Smirked- Heh.Kagome will be proud and have nothing to say! -Placed his two hands on his waist-

    Inuyasha:-Something caught his attention:Wire-This!-Picked up the wires-You little brat,aren't you the one who made me fall?! Why you...-Stared at the wires angrily-

    Inuyasha:But..What am i suppose to do with this?-A van went past the road,with an image of Christmas trees with lightings for sales!At xxx Supermarket!-

    Inuyasha:Oh.So i am suppose to hang it around like this..-Pulled the wires with two hands-

    Inuyasha:-Felt a little tired- Yawn...-With his hands behind his back and the wire caught his neck-H-Huh? Gahh,let go of me you..#!%@$

    So in the end,Inuyasha caught around with that bunch of lighting wires.
    To Kagome's side..

    Kagome:That baka Inuyasha..-Recalling that pity look-Hmph.-Blushed-If people sees us,they might thought that i am neglecting him.

    Music comes from the streets: Jingle bells,Jingle bells,Jingle all the way...

    Kagome: ^^ Christmas makes our spirits grow.Wait,where am i heading? -Thinks-

    Kagome:-Remembered-Oh.-Hands under her chin-I got Mum a new apron,Souta a basketball and Grandpa a Turkish Coffee...

    Kagome: A-Ah... -Stunned-I forgot to get Inuyasha a present!

    Kagome:W-What am i suppose to do?! -Thinks of a scene-


    Kagome:And this is for you,oji-san. ^^[Grandpa]


    Inuyasha:Kagome,where's mine

    Kagome:H-Huh...?Inuyasha,yours...? -Scared-


    Inuyasha:-Went upstairs and slammed the room door-

    Back the the reality...

    Kagome:..Eh...Ahahaha.Inuyasha's is acting like a kid..Well,i think i better get him something before that really happens...

    Back to Inuyasha..

    Inuyasha:-Flip his hand together like removing dust on his hands-Ahaha!All done!

    Trees which looked so complicated with tons of ornaments and messy wires with broken bulbs that he broke when having a fight with it.Is that Inuyasha's sense of art?!

    Inuyasha:-Stared at it and wondering- Hm..I think there's something missing..

    Inuyasha:-Recalls what Kagome told him:And a star which brings joy and laughter..-

    Inuyasha:A star! Where is it?! -Looks around and around-

    Inuyasha:That darned star!How am i suppose to answer to

    Kagome?!..-Brainstorms with thunder storming at the background-

    Inuyasha:Let me see what i can find around in the house!

    After a while..


    Kagome:...A-Ah...?! -Received the shock of her life-

    Inuyasha:-Prouds of what he had done-Okari Nasai! So how is it?

    Inuyasha:-Went to look at Kagome's face-

    Inuyasha:Kagome?Kagome..?! KAGOME!-Shakes her-

    Kagome:-Being shaked-I-Inuyasha..!What's with that starfruit on top of
    the tree?!

    Inuyasha:Ahahaha!-Sweats-Well,i think i lost your star..So i tried my best
    to find something and that starfruit is perfect!

    Kagome:Oh well..And the decorations..

    Inuyasha:-Wave her sentence with a hand gesture-Don't have to praise! I took only a little effort to put this up! -Smirked-

    Kagome:-Thoughts:It's the first time Inuyasha celebrating Christmas and putting up the tree..-

    Inuyasha:So,do you like it?

    Kagome:H-Hai... ^^|| We will leave it like this then.I-I'll be at my room,don't disturb!-Ran to the house with the stuff she bought-

    Inuyasha: How cheap.She didn't even buy anything for me!

    On Christmas day..

    Oka-san is Mother in this story..

    Oka-san:So..Inuyasha decorated the tree for the first time?^^


    Kagome:Hai... ^^||

    Oka-san:Arigatou,Inuyasha. ^^

    Inuyasha:-Smirked once more- It's no big! Ahahaha!

    Kagome:Hmph.-Looks away-There,Inuyasha!-Gave him a present-

    Inuyasha:K-Kagome..F-For me..? -First time received presents-

    Kagome:Hai,take it. -.-

    Inuyasha:-Eyes sharp- A-Arigatou. -Took it-

    Inuyasha:-Tears it like there is no tomorrow-

    Souta:.....Inuyasha-kun... ^^||

    Oka-san: Daijobu.Hm. ^^

    Oji-san:Ahohoho. ^^

    Kagome:-awkward- Inuyasha...

    Inuyasha:SUGOI![Amazing!] :O A supreme improved flavour of Yaki Udon
    Instant noodles!


    Kagome:-Blushed slightly- Inuyasha and his childness..Sigh.



    Inuyasha:For you.-Handed her a Paper crane-

    Kagome:You made it yourself..?-A moved look-

    Inuyasha:-Looks away blushing hard-Just take it!-Shoved it onto Kagome's

    Kagome:Arigatou,Inuyasha. ^^

    Inuyasha:-Still looking away- -Nods-

    Kagome:-Looks at the paper crane and smiled-

    Inuyasha:-Looks at her and smiled as well-

    So,together,they celebrated the best Christmas ever.

    That's all,folks.
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    Just FYI there are numerous skins on this forum with lots of different color variations, and switching the colors like that is really distracting/hard to read.

    As for the actual story, I'm not one for scripts that have no character direction. You arent explaining what the characters are doing. Just straight up dialoge, and that's boring to read.
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