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Thread: Inuyasha Fanfiction: Christmas Edition One-shot

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    Default Inuyasha Fanfiction: Christmas Edition One-shot

    At Higurashi's residence...


    No response..

    Inuyasha:Kagome..? -Looks around rooms then to the first floor-

    Kagome is nowhere to be found.

    Inuyasha:-Rushed down to the first floor quickly and out the house-

    Inuyasha:-Saw her fixing up a triangle-shaped tree-


    Kagome:Inuyasha?-Turned to look at him-

    Inuyasha:I am searching for you for hours!

    Kagome: ^^|| Gomenasai.I am busying making up the tree.

    Inuyasha:That? -Points to the said tree-

    Kagome:Hai.It's Christmas.-Contented look-

    Inuyasha:Kek.Christmas,big deal!-Crossed his arms-What's Christmas anyway?

    Kagome: Christmas is a special day where everyone give presents and decorate their house with a Christmas tree. ^^

    Inuyasha:Hm?Presents? -Thinks of himself getting squashed by tons of instant noodles!-

    Inuyasha: Ahh.... -Small drop of saliva fall from his mouth-


    Kagome: INUYASHA!

    Inuyasha:-Being interrupted- H-Huh? What is it!?

    Kagome:Your saliva is dripping...[Give a freaked out look]

    Inuyasha: ARGH!? -Embarrased,wiped off the saliva quickly and face turned red-

    Inuyasha:W-WELL...It was an accident -Sulked-

    Kagome: Since you say so.. [Disbelieving]


    Kagome:Inuyasha!Want to help me to decorate the trees?

    Inuyasha:Hm?What is there to decorate?

    Kagome:These![Showed ornaments]

    Kagome:And a star on top of the tree which brings out joy and laughter.

    Kagome: Do it like this.[Hung a candy cane ornament on the tree]

    Inuyasha:-Watched her like a kid who just discovered something new-

    Inuyasha:Ohhh..Sore ka.-Picked one ornament up-

    Inuyasha:-About to hang-

    Inuyasha:-Tripped over the wires and fell into the tree- ARGH!

    The whole tree crashed.

    Kagome:.... -Mouth opened wide,didn't know that Inuyasha will get so clumsy-

    Kagome:...Inuyasha...[Began to rage]

    Inuyasha: -Grasped and stand up quickly waving at Kagome- I-It was an accident... [Sweating]

    Kagome:-Ignores him- Osuwari!

    Inuyasha:-Crashed- Ah...D-Darned it..

    Kagome:Fix the trees up again! >\ -Going out-

    Inuyasha:K-Kagome!Where are you going?

    Kagome:I am going out to buy something. -.-

    Inuyasha: I want to go as well! D: -Gave a pity face-

    Kagome:Hmph. No.You are staying here to fix the trees up again!-gone-

    Inuyasha:Kek! Kagome's being cruel.Fine then,maybe she will get something back for me. -Sheepish smile-

    Inuyasha:Well,now now! Inuyasha mode! -messing around-

    Soon,the tree is fixed.

    Inuyasha:Heh.Well,that was easy.What's with Kagome complaining about!Now,with the or- What's that called?

    Inuyasha: Well,forget about the names.Let's hang up the fake animals![He is pointing out the ornaments.]

    The tree is FULL OF TONS OF ornaments.

    Inuyasha:-Smirked- Heh.Kagome will be proud and have nothing to say! -Placed his two hands on his waist-

    Inuyasha:-Something caught his attention:Wire-This!-Picked up the wires-You little brat,aren't you the one who made me fall?! Why you...-Stared at the wires angrily-

    Inuyasha:But..What am i suppose to do with this?-A van went past the road,with an image of Christmas trees with lightings for sales!At xxx Supermarket!-

    Inuyasha:Oh.So i am suppose to hang it around like this..-Pulled the wires with two hands-

    Inuyasha:-Felt a little tired- Yawn...-With his hands behind his back and the wire caught his neck-H-Huh? Gahh,let go of me you..#!%@$

    So in the end,Inuyasha caught around with that bunch of lighting wires.
    To Kagome's side..

    Kagome:That baka Inuyasha..-Recalling that pity look-Hmph.-Blushed-If people sees us,they might thought that i am neglecting him.

    Music comes from the streets: Jingle bells,Jingle bells,Jingle all the way...

    Kagome: ^^ Christmas makes our spirits grow.Wait,where am i heading? -Thinks-

    Kagome:-Remembered-Oh.-Hands under her chin-I got Mum a new apron,Souta a basketball and Grandpa a Turkish Coffee...

    Kagome: A-Ah... -Stunned-I forgot to get Inuyasha a present!

    Kagome:W-What am i suppose to do?! -Thinks of a scene-


    Kagome:And this is for you,oji-san. ^^[Grandpa]


    Inuyasha:Kagome,where's mine

    Kagome:H-Huh...?Inuyasha,yours...? -Scared-


    Inuyasha:-Went upstairs and slammed the room door-

    Back the the reality...

    Kagome:..Eh...Ahahaha.Inuyasha's is acting like a kid..Well,i think i better get him something before that really happens...

    Back to Inuyasha..

    Inuyasha:-Flip his hand together like removing dust on his hands-Ahaha!All done!

    Trees which looked so complicated with tons of ornaments and messy wires with broken bulbs that he broke when having a fight with it.Is that Inuyasha's sense of art?!

    Inuyasha:-Stared at it and wondering- Hm..I think there's something missing..

    Inuyasha:-Recalls what Kagome told him:And a star which brings joy and laughter..-

    Inuyasha:A star! Where is it?! -Looks around and around-

    Inuyasha:That darned star!How am i suppose to answer to

    Kagome?!..-Brainstorms with thunder storming at the background-

    Inuyasha:Let me see what i can find around in the house!

    After a while..


    Kagome:...A-Ah...?! -Received the shock of her life-

    Inuyasha:-Prouds of what he had done-Okari Nasai! So how is it?

    Inuyasha:-Went to look at Kagome's face-

    Inuyasha:Kagome?Kagome..?! KAGOME!-Shakes her-

    Kagome:-Being shaked-I-Inuyasha..!What's with that starfruit on top of
    the tree?!

    Inuyasha:Ahahaha!-Sweats-Well,i think i lost your star..So i tried my best
    to find something and that starfruit is perfect!

    Kagome:Oh well..And the decorations..

    Inuyasha:-Wave her sentence with a hand gesture-Don't have to praise! I took only a little effort to put this up! -Smirked-

    Kagome:-Thoughts:It's the first time Inuyasha celebrating Christmas and putting up the tree..-

    Inuyasha:So,do you like it?

    Kagome:H-Hai... ^^|| We will leave it like this then.I-I'll be at my room,don't disturb!-Ran to the house with the stuff she bought-

    Inuyasha: How cheap.She didn't even buy anything for me!

    On Christmas day..

    Oka-san is Mother in this story..

    Oka-san:So..Inuyasha decorated the tree for the first time?^^


    Kagome:Hai... ^^||

    Oka-san:Arigatou,Inuyasha. ^^

    Inuyasha:-Smirked once more- It's no big! Ahahaha!

    Kagome:Hmph.-Looks away-There,Inuyasha!-Gave him a present-

    Inuyasha:K-Kagome..F-For me..? -First time received presents-

    Kagome:Hai,take it. -.-

    Inuyasha:-Eyes sharp- A-Arigatou. -Took it-

    Inuyasha:-Tears it like there is no tomorrow-

    Souta:.....Inuyasha-kun... ^^||

    Oka-san: Daijobu.Hm. ^^

    Oji-san:Ahohoho. ^^

    Kagome:-awkward- Inuyasha...

    Inuyasha:SUGOI![Amazing!] :O A supreme improved flavour of Yaki Udon
    Instant noodles!


    Kagome:-Blushed slightly- Inuyasha and his childness..Sigh.



    Inuyasha:For you.-Handed her a Paper crane-

    Kagome:You made it yourself..?-A moved look-

    Inuyasha:-Looks away blushing hard-Just take it!-Shoved it onto Kagome's

    Kagome:Arigatou,Inuyasha. ^^

    Inuyasha:-Still looking away- -Nods-

    Kagome:-Looks at the paper crane and smiled-

    Inuyasha:-Looks at her and smiled as well-

    So,together,they celebrated the best Christmas ever.

    That's all,folks.
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