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For the Classicz, it would be Lion King. Here'z my story. When i was just around 5, I had the tape, and it was the first movie I actually felt like crying. So i would watch it over and over again, but never watch the ending. [where Simba's dad dies ='/]
I hate to burst your bubble, but Mufasa dies well before the end. He dies well near the beginning--Scar dies at the end. That Simba's uncle [Mufasa's brother].

Anyway. I liked the Lion King 2: Simba's Pride. Disney was terrible for putting in tiny sexual references that kids wouldn't understand.... "We'll run away together! And start a pride...all our own." The only main problem with LK2 was that they changed the voice actor for Simba. Instead of pronouncing it "zahzoo" he pronounces it "zazoo" [as in Zack].

My next favorite after Beauty and the BatB:TEC and LK2 would be Mulan. I was very similar to Mulan--everything I did seemed to tick off my family; and my dad always said women are worthless. Then I watched Mulan and thought "hey, maybe I can be like her." I still kind of act like Mulan. O_o;; I don't find myself "wife" or "daughter" material because I fail at being girly.