Q. I have heard that Totally Guitars is going to be offering different kinds of online guitar lessons. Can you tell me a little more about them?

A. Hey, thanks for asking. As a matter of fact, thatís just a small part of what we are trying to offer at Totally Guitars. We plan on having lots of different resources for guitar players and musicians in general. A few of the things we are excited about are online guitar lessons, written articles explaining lots of musical mysteries, concert videos of some of our favorite performers and instructors, as well as an entirely interactive musical community where all are welcome.
We are planning and shooting lots of instructional videos and would love any and all input from our viewers as to what kinds of things you might be interested in.
There are lots of other articles here about the different types of things we offer so visit the home page when you can and poke around a bit.
Every day we are compiling more and more information that we are trying to share with musicians on the web (isnít that about all of them?) and really need your input to make this a happening place.