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Thread: Macross Frontier - (1st OP) Triangular

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    Default Macross Frontier - (1st OP) Triangular

    Hello all,

    Quick fix/issue - I noticed today that the title of the first Opening Theme Song for Macross Frontier was translated as Triangler. In most of the translations I've seen for this title, and my own experience, I believe that the title of the song should be Triangular (as in "shaped like a triangle") and not Triangler (as in "one who is/makes a triangle"?).

    Given the song is about a "sankaku kankei" (lit. "triangle relationship" - i.e. a three-way relationship), and that Triangular can also be sounded out of the original katakana word, I'm submitting this for alteration. (Note that this song title appears multiple times in the Macross Frontier section, and that all should be considered for consistency.)

    Thank you,


    EDIT: Here is the URL for reference: Macross Frontier - Triangler
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