This here is my little thread where I'll put some poems of mine in. I hope you don't mind and feedbacks are alwasy welcome! No worries! Just tell me what's on your mind. Cause I'm not a little girl who would cry over bad critics ^.^
And I want to improve myself so some feedback would be really helpful =3
Here's the first one:

Water mirror

A lake sleeping
Within the silence of the forest
Just as a child
In the arms of a mother

Flowing gently
As I approach the clearance
A paradise of his own

Maybe it was a mistake
Maybe I was wrong

But it doesn't matter
Nothing does

Cause nothing remains
Things change

Good maybe
Sometimes hurtful
Leaving a scar
In yourself

A scar in your soul

Only tears tell my story
Tears that are breaking
A water mirror
In the silence of the forest

Tearing my soul apart