So I've been busy lately and have completely neglected this particular forum as a result. To actually get this thing ticking along again, I revised the policies for how to go about requesting an old account.

To request an old account, please do the following:

1. Post here with the account you wish to take
2. Message me on AIM or MSN (my contact info is in my profile)
3. If you do not receive a response within 48 hours, follow up with me again.

After speaking with Kaitou Ace, we've decided that the follow course will be taken for granting old accounts:

- The old account will be renamed to Username-Old
- You will then be able to purchase a name change to change to the new account
- Should someone snatch it up before you do, let me know and I'll change them back.

Please keep in mind the following requirements for obtaining a new username:

- You must have been a member of for at least six month
- You must have a good reputation.
- If you've had your account suspended due to too many infractions, then you are disqualified.

If you have no interest in getting an old account, then do not post in this thread. Let me make this clear: I am busy. I do not have time to clean up spam. You spam this thread, I suspend your account for a week. So be warned now.