umm...i'm new and stuffs....and i'm really lost
i guess i'll show some simple drawings i've drawn..hee.
first though,
i have never taken any art classes..(my school doesn't have any..;-; ) and i barely turned 15 (awesomeness). also i've been drawing FOREVER..since like pre-k, seriously..and i really want to be a manga-ka..(comic artist)
that's pretty much it..D :
AND, i love yaoi and straight love..<3

1) um, i don't watch Naruto so yeah, my first time drawing 2 months ago..

2) uh, for a contest i made during august..

3) oh yeah, i love south park, some recent pics..

(a comic i did on stan and kyle >3< read from right -> left )

(for a friend, i made this during the summer)

(tee-hee, pip pirrup plz)

(i bet you can tell i LOVE read from left -> right)


(hee, read from right -> left)

well, that's it for now..please comment if you wish, i wish i was good at drawing..