Please note this story has nothing to do with he story line of Dragon Ball Z, or its movies.

As Tyler begins to board the plane that will take him to Florida, a explosion erupts next to the plane, then an emergency signal goes off and a women's voice says" the airport is currently under attack from unknown forces, all non-military personel please goto safety bunker. A blast of energy is shot at the airport, as the blast gets near, it hits a sheild and dissaptes as a shockwave from the blast riples on the sheild, another blast this time much bigger hits the sheild and, the sheild flickers and dies out, as the blast comes near, everyone just looks in horror at the impending doom befalling them all.

With a smirk grin Tyler says "I won't die today" A yellow ray of light starts to rise from his feat and surrounds his body. A lady shrieks from fear, and everyone that is around Tyler begins to back away. The light around Tyler begins to flicker, and become very bright, the people around him start to say that he is as bright as the sun. The light slowy fades, and his hair is spiked up, and the lady next to Tyler is in fear and awe. As the blast is about to hit the airport, the room turns black and more ripples as the broadcast states emergency sheilds are on. As Tyler picks his backpack up from the floor, he begins to walk outside, so many people are moving out of his way because of what he looks like. As Tyler stands in front of the door, the door automatically seals as steel bars fall from the top of it.

"What is this a prison, they want to keep them outside and us inside like little mise". Tyler looks around, and says stand back to the people around the door. Tyler puts his hand and a Ball of blue light is emit of Urted from his hands, as the ball gets bigger, he begins to motion for the people to move farther back. The blast launches from his hand as the ball impacts the door, the door hinges pop off, and the bars in front that bar any exit begin to fall, Tyler walks outside the confines of the airport, and jumps down the stairs, and as he touches the ground, a large object lands right in front of him.

As Tyler looks up he sees a very hairy hoof, something like a boar's hoof, a very muscular upper body, 2 tusks that look razor sharp a hariy chest, beady eyes, and pointy ears, and he see's the face. Tyler wonders to himself "is he a boar, or a pig?" As the boar looks at Tyler, he says in a deep course voice, "I am Gruntkl the Archun of the planet Huyrt, and I have come here to claim this planet for myself".

Tyler looks at the boar and points to him, and says" yo piggy why dont you leave already, i dont have time to deal with you today". "PIGGY, HOW DARE YOU CALL ME PIGGY YOU PUNNY HUMAN, I WILL CRUSH YOU!!!!"
Gruntkl slams his fist down on Tyler, and Tyler puts one hand up and catches his fist in his open palm, as the creature struggles to break free from Tyler's grab of him, a beam of light shoots through the creatures hand, and the creature jumps away staring at its hand, and how only half of it is missing, and that there are no fingers left on it.

Gruntkl looks at Tyler in extreme hatred and begins to form an energy blast in his mouth, and as the beam grows in light, Tyler jumps up and uppercuts him the Archun lets the blast go, as the blast travels through the air, it gets about a mile up and explodes above him scattering the clouds around the blast area. As Tyler looks at the blast, he gets mad, grabs the creature by the ear, and throws him up in the air, as the creature begins to stabilze itself in flight, Tyler begins to glow blue light in is hands, and forms a V with both hands, and a ray of light shoots out from his hands, and the beam hits the creature, and the sky is lit up in Blue Light. As the light fades, dust falls from the sky and Tyler turns around and walks away.

"Well he wasn't much of a challenge, ah the army is finally here I see." As the green jeep speeds down the airport runway, Tyler feels a increase in pressure, and must now realize that this is the power of a general. As the jeep comes to a halt, a man in green uniform, looks around, and doesn't even notice the level destruction around him. As the man turns to Tyler, he says in a clear course voice" You did this didn't you you ****in stupid brat, didn't you. As Tyler looks at the general, he has a blank expression on his face. "What's wrong kid? with that blank expression on your face, I guess you don't care how strong I am, and since you don't care, then you know the penalty for fighting on an airport then". "Nope i don't general and I don't really care". "Good kid cause the penalty for fighting on an airstrip is either life in prison, or death, and I know you don't wanna die today kid".
Tyler looks at the general, and says in his blank expression" I'm not scared".
As the general looks at Tyler he says "ok then, but I won't hold back even for a kid". In an Instant the General appears right before Tyler and throws a fist hitting him square in the face sending him flying through the air and hitting several concrete barriers, and Tyler finally stops moving in the air, and notices the general is holding him. "So you survived that punch kid, nice this might be fun for me." As the general smiles, and throws Tyler up in the air, and just as Tyler tops going up in the air, the General appears right before him, and kicks Tyler in the chest with his heel, sending him flying down at supersonic speed, when Tyler lands, a crater is formed from his landing. As Tyler struggles to get up, he sees the general walking toward him, and the general says in a confident voice, "cmon fight back this is getting to fun." As the General picks Tyler up by the collar of his shirt, Tyler punches the General square in the stomach, and the general recoils and lets go of Tyler in pain gripping his stomach, now the confidence in his eyes is gone, he realizes he can't win at his current level. "So kid, you got some strength in ya, lets see how you handle this". As the general gets up, he starts to glow yellow. "HHHHHAAAAAAAA" the general yells, as Tyler watch's the General, his hair starts to spike up, and his muscles increase in size. As the General settles down, there is a yellow aura around him that, "so kid now your dead".
"You must realize now old guy your not even close to my level, as Tyler looks at the general, he quickly transforms into a Super Sayain, as the pressure from his power pushes the General on the floor, he realizes that he is no match for Tyler. In fear, the general yells out, "I GIVE UP, I DON'T WANT TO DIE!!!"
So do you realize now why I said I wasn't scared you big pussy, even that monster here before could have killed you, he was a braver soldier than you." As Tyler looks into the distance, he can see more soldiers coming toward his direction. "Hey General, what's your name?" "Its McMillian, General Artur Mcmillian at your service"," McMilina?" "No Mcmillian you dumb kid" " I have a name as well, and its not kid" "I don't ive a **** what your name is your kid to me." As Tyler looks into the horizon, he sees balls of energy condensing, "Hey general, you better call your troops off, cause they are about to open fire on the both of us." As the general stands up, he walks up the crater which, and sees the energy balls condensing, and realizes, **** thats not soldiers, that another General, "That is not soldiers, that is another general", as Tyler, and the general watch, the ball of energy is fire from the spot where it was condensing, and Tyler watches it to see where its destination is, and Tyler sees its Go up into the sky, and stop in midair, and then fall towards the airport, seeing this Tyler yells, "Its heading towards the airport!! we gotta stop it!!!. As the ball falls toward the airport, it gets bigger, and bigger till its as big as a Boeing 747 in wing width. As Tyler flys to meet the ball in mid-air, he sees the general watching on the ground. "Tyler knows what's happening, and lets the ball fall toward the airport, and as Tyler looks at the ball of energy, claps his hands together, and a hollow yellow ball of energy falls, as Tyler shoots the ball at the airport, it hits the Airport emergency shields, and fades into it. As the ball hit the shield, a large ripple from the ball hitting the shields, then in an instant, there is a blinding white light as the ball explodes, and as the light begins to fade, he notices the airport still standing, and as Tyler turns to Mcmillian, he says, "thats baby stuff for me, I'm thinkin he's not done." Mcmillian turns to Tyler and says in a confident speech" Well Tyler all you did was fortify the shields on the airport which increased its effectiveness by 200 fold.". " Uh not really, maybe you need glasses or something but look closer, I put my own shield up, why would I wanna reinforce the Airport shield, its crummy and crappy anyways". As the general looks in astonishment, he says to himself "Wow this kid is amazing, he used his own shield instead of the airports, just to prove his point that he is strong".