Ok I have had these images of an animated movie in my head for YEARS (I'm 26) I believe the style was anime. This is 1 of 2 movies in my head I've been looking for, I found the other a non-anime from 1985 "The Peanut Butter Solution". Now All I need is this one to be complete. There isn't much to go on but I'll say what I know and hope.

The most I remember is from the end. I remember everything being kinda geometrical... landscape wise maybe the bad guy could cause the land to move and rise as shapes moslty square, the bad guy had the form of a blank puppet like the old wooden ones without distinctive features. It was pursueing the hero and possesed magic. The finale is when something happens and changes the bad guys magic, it goes to attack and only flowers come forth from the fingers and I remember it slowly walking out into an ocean or some body of water in defeat.

I know this isnt much but if anyone can give me clues I have no problem watching plenty of anime on my search.