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Thread: Inuyasha Fanfiction: The Episode after the last episode in the anime. PART 2

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    Default Inuyasha Fanfiction: The Episode after the last episode in the anime. PART 2

    Out of the well.

    Kagome:-opens door-Taidaima,oka-san!

    Mum:Ah,Kagome-chan!Okari Nasai!Inuyasha kun?You are here too!Yoo-ko-so!^^

    Inuyasha:Hai,arigato.-sniff,sniff-Are you cooking something?

    Mum:Ah,Inuyasha kun.You have a sharp nose!I am cooking fish and vegetable tonight for everyone.


    Kagome:I am going upstairs,you coming?


    Kagome's Nini san runs down the stairs.

    Little brother:Kombanwa!Inuyasha kun,you are here?Your hair is black!-pulls it-

    Inuyasha:-slap his hand away-Nani yo!?Ah it hurts.Back off you brat.

    Little brother: ^^|| Alright,gomenasai.


    Kagome:Inuyasha,don't be mean.Do you want to go to the market to buy some noodles?

    Inuyasha:-brightens up-I-Is-stant No-odles-s!?!??

    Kagome:Hai. ^^

    Inuyasha:Then what are you standing here for?!Let's go!-pulled Kagome to the stairs despite little brother stunned there like an idiot-

    At the supermarket.

    Kagome: -.-|||| Inuyasha...

    Inuyasha:-With a tons of cup noodles-Let's try all the brands!^^Hooray!

    Kagome: How am i going to pay for those!?

    Inuyasha:-Sulked-Kagome,you have to face with it everytime since i am going to live here...

    Kagome:-blushed-Na-nani dess ka Inuyasha!?Hmph.Osuwari!

    Inuyasha:-Fells with the noodles-Ack!TT_TT

    Everyone in the supermarket stares at them.They bought the stuff they needed and get out of the supermarket quickly.Of course,with the noodles or else Inuyasha can't stop whinning over it.
    On the way home.

    Kagome:-Sweat-I shouldn't had done that infront of everyone..

    Inuyasha:-Rubs his head-Yeah,you shouldn't!But since we have these noodles... -Smiles brightly-

    Kagome:-thoughts:He might be a half-demon in the past,he is still childish and...Hmph.-blushed a bit-

    Reached home.

    Inuyasha:-carries to the kitchen-Taidaima!

    Mum:Okari Nasai!I see you had bought a lot of stuff,Inuyasha kun.Here,let me help you.

    Mum:....^^|| Noodles.Anyway,dinner is starting.Kagome,call grandpa up from his sleep!


    Grandpa:Oh,it's you Inuyasha.O_O Hm!You looked different from the last
    time i saw you!

    Little brother:His hair is black!

    Grandpa:Hoo hoo!Yup that's right,let's tuck in.

    Everyone goes:Ittedaikimass!

    Inuyasha:-Gulp gulp-

    Kagome:Eat slower,Inuyasha!

    After they finished dinner,they went back to the room.

    Inuyasha:It had been a day,hai,kagome?-hands on his back head-

    Kagome:Hai,Inuyasha,you sleep on the floor!

    Inuyasha:Hmph.Alright then,btu why can't i sleep with you.Bed are more comfortable!

    Kagome:-blushed-Nani!?A girl and a guy cannot sleep together..

    Inuyasha:I don't see a reason why.But never mind,let's tuck in.We are going back on the evening to find the others like promised.

    Kagome:Hai,oyasumi nasai,inuyasha.


    And so,they fell asleep.
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