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Thread: Naruto FanFiction: Demon+Demon=What?! Pt2

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    Default Naruto FanFiction: Demon+Demon=What?! Pt2

    ::Forgot to mention in the last chapter,but there will be mild swearing in this story::
    (Want a recap?GO AND READ THE LAST CHAPTER!^^ Anywho,this story will follow the plotline of the English dub[and some of the original Japanese] anime,with things of my own creation added in.I would go with the original,but I can't find any episodes online that had English subtitles,so...yeah...ENJOY!)

    I stopped in mid-step,looking up at the boy.Raising a brow,I studied him.He had an evil look in his eye,in my opinion,and it seemed as though he was quite powerful.I wanted to ask him his name,but refrained.I mean,what would a powerful demon girl,asking a guy his name,look like?Pathetic.And it would ruin my reputation.Wouldn't want that...
    As if I wasn't even there,he looked to the blonde girl,and the Kat man,who's name I'd heard was Kankuro when the blond girl had spoken.
    "You're an embarrasement to our village.Have you forgotten the reason we came all the way here?"he said.
    The Kankuro spoke next;" I-i know,I-i mean,they challenged us.They started the whole thing really."he said with an nervous laugh."S-see,here's what happened-"He was interrupted by the red head.
    "Shut up."the redhead said,glaring at Kankuro."Or I'll kill you."
    By this time,I was leaning against the fence on the left,smirking slightly in amusement.
    Kankuro spoke again."Uh...right.I was totally out of line...I'm sorry Gaara,I was totally out of line..."
    'So,'I thought,'Gaara is his name....where have I heard that name before...?' I knew I'd heard it somewhere before...I just couldn't place the memory!
    Gaara turned to look at the Konoha genin,and my team."I'm sorry for any trouble he caused."he said,before turning into sand,and appearing on the ground.
    Ryuu and Raiden went wide-eyed.Ryuu's gold eyes sparkled in amazement,and Raiden's showed respect for the Suna ninja,Gaara.I scoffed,almost silently,rolling my eyes."Show-off..."I muttered to myself.
    Gaara faced Kankuro man,and the blonde girl."Let's go.We didn't come here to play games."
    "A-alright.Sure."Kankuro said,as he and the blonde girl turned to walk away.
    Then,the pink-haired girl stepped foreward."Hold on.Hey!"she called.
    Without turning,the blonde girl replied."What?"
    "I can tell from your headband that you come from the Village Hidden in the Sand."Pinky said."Of course the Land of Fire and the Land of Wind are allies,but no shinobi can enter another's village without permission."she then took afew more steps toward them."So state your purpose,and it better be good."
    The three Suna shinobi then turned to face her."Really?Have you guys all been living under a rock or what?"the blonde one spoke."You don't know what's going on,do you?"she then held up her passport."We have permission.Of course,you're correct.We are Hidden Sand genin.Our home is the land of the wind,and we've come here for the Chunin Exam.Get the picture?"
    Of course,I'd already known their purpose in being here.It was the same as mine.After this,I'd tuned them out,trying to think of where I'd heard the name,Gaara,before.
    After a moment,I was brought out of my thoughts when the Uchiha aske Gaara to identify himself.
    "You!Identify yourself."the Uchiha said,pointing at Gaara.Of course,the blonde girl had thought he was talking to her.
    "Who,you mean me?"she asked,pointing to herself.
    "No,him.The the guy with the gourd on his back."he responded.
    Gaara turned to face him."My name is Gaara of the Desert."he said."I'm curious about you too.Who are you?"
    The Uchiha smirked."I am Sasuke Uchiha."
    After that,everyone was silent,and I was actually considering breaking the silence myself.Hell,even Raiden and Ryuu were quiet!It's nearly impossible to get them to shut up!
    Suddenly,the blond boy grinned,pointing at himself."Hi there.I bet your dieing to know my name,right?!"
    "I couldn't care less."Gaara said.He then turned to face me."Who are you?"
    Secretly,I was actually happy to finally be aknowledged,but I hid it well,behind an emotionless face,as usual."I am Aika."I responded.
    He nodded,and all three Suna shinobi turned and left.
    I then turned to my teammates,and nodded slightly,signalling that it was time to go.They turned and waved at the Konoha shinobi,then we jumped away,toward the Hokage's building,where we were supposed to meet Hotaru-sensei.Then,I realised where I'd heard of Gaara.Gaara of the Desert,the one that held the one-tailed Raccoon dog.The holder of Shukaku.
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