Four years ago we met
Destiny was set
We were two then we became one
Oh, that was a lot of fun.

Then darkness fell
That troubled hell
I'll never forget that night

It wasn't your fault
And it wasn't mine
Our love became unclear
We had had it up to the ear
We both decided it's better this way
That is, until that beautiful day

We met again, flame burst alight
'We'll never have another fight
No more troubles, no more tears
We will never forget these years!'

Then the worst occured my love
You flew away
You flew away and i died that day.

But when you came back
My life did too...
You returned, gone were my blues
Together we lived, together we tried
O, my life became worthwhile!

Now it's Back.
A year from then
The news that you're flying again.

Blue and cold
You gave me a rose
You gave me my heart
Told me you're leaving.
Forever now.

Obligations forced you away
On my darkest darkest day
Now I'm here
A cold blue still
Trying to find
A lighter way..

It may happen
It may not
But for now these memories
Are all I've got.