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Thread: Star Fox Fanfiction: Origins of War (Chapter 2)

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    Default Star Fox Fanfiction: Origins of War (Chapter 2)

    (Authors Notes: Well, I might as well post the second one down. I felt like it, this time it's barely any diolauge in the chapter, but more intell inside the story itself and how it portrayed the facts. Anyways, I am still writing Chapter three, I have 6 paragraphs on it, so enjoy Chapter 2!).

    Chapter 2: “The Meeting”:

    While sprinting in the Conerian suburbs of tall sky-scrapers, and small distinguished fires that over-came the Marketplace in Coneria, Becker counted three BioMecs in the area, BioMecs are small robots that carry a sufficient AI (Artificial Intelligence) probability to scan the entire area by thermal vision, and normal vision that humans or animals see in real time, Turaces one of the forbidden races in Coneria’s planet, has provided the AI from a certain member of the Turaces clan.

    The BioMecs usually comes from the combination of Biological warfare, this points to the fact that they are not true Mechs but a cybernetic integrated making them possible to be controlled by a pilot, but however the Turaces have installed one of the cybernetic enhancements in the late era.

    300 years ago BioMecs as laborers and tools of war. When the BioMecs began to question their masters, the Turaces realized they had achieved self-awareness and thus attempted to exterminate them. The BioMecs won the resulting war, banishing the Turaces from their home world and reducing them to a race of nomads. The example set by the BioMecs has led to the legally enforced, systematic repression of artificial intelligences in galactic society. It was feared that after they drove the Turaces from their home-world, the BioMecs would turn on the rest of the galaxy, but this never happened, and they followed a pattern of isolationism. Few attempts to hinder or curtail their activities have been attempted, and none have been in any way effective; only lethal force can stop them from carrying out their duties, and no matter how many of them are killed, their numbers are mysteriously maintained, perhaps from within the bowels of the Cairo station in the Turaces atmosphere.

    Attempts to capture and study them result in a sort of self-destruct, in which acid is released. In fact, in order to maintain the smooth operation of and prevent any potential damage or danger to the station or its inhabitants, the Cairo Council deemed it illegal for anyone on the station to terminate, wound or interfere with the Turaces in anyway. The BioMecs evolved over time so that they responded commands from to the Cairo Station and it is implied that they used to take commands directly from Turaces before that. Following this evolutionary change, the Protheans would begin their invasion by making the Turaces to send a signal that compelled the BioMecs away from the Turaces home-planet. Becker stood behind a small cement block that was couple feet away from the BioMecs, the BioMecs had few hostages in hand transporting them into another building towards the west district, some of the hostages were unconscious it looked like the BioMecs were intelligent enough to talk to each other secretly, and stealthy.
    Becker thought it would be a wise decision to shoot them with the AxT 7780 the AxT 7780 is the Conerian Military designation for a family of rifles derived from the AX-70’s and it was further developed The AxT 7780 is a lightweight, 5.56 mm caliber, air-cooled, gas-operated, magazine-fed assault rifle, with a rotating bolt, actuated by direct impingement gas operation. The rifle is made of steel, aluminum, and composite plastics. Becker then realized that this small gun wouldn’t have a good chance to destroy the BioMecs, with the AI they had complete visualization across the entire environment even when it is foggy or very far away, the AI symbol had a light resolution blue cyborg eye, just one bash of the blue eye can disable there functions for quite awhile, there movements seemed unreal, but revealing towards Becker, instead he waited till the BioMecs continued on towards their Rally Point. He silently perched up near one of the cement blocks again to get a better view of the hostages, he pulled out one of his digital binoculars the binoculars appeared in sight, the lights illuminating each reference point from signaling east to west point, highlighting each number that was close to the objective.

    The binoculars sensed that there was four hostages gripped by the BioMecs, each of the profiles had “Unknown” highlighted in green right next the HUD display, he flicked the button to turn off the binoculars, as he put it in one of his bags he gripped his AxT ready into place, he went into one of the buildings towards the west and settled up camp there as he discovered that he was in a worse situation, the environment.
    The environment had two ways, one towards the left, and one towards the right, each place was tight and barely recognizable there was one big building in front of Becker field of vision even though he was in front of a window, he had trouble perching his gun for cover fire so he can kill those BioMecs, he fired one round at the window, the window shattered into tiny pieces of glass, that was a bad idea for Becker to shoot the window. BioMecs halted the migration at the other buildings, one of the BioMecs swerved his neck towards the other BioMecs a few clicks were heard seemed like they’re communicating to each other, the first one walked off silently to glance at the building were Becker shot. The BioMech scanned the area with his HUD display, the illuminations became a light blue, and everything around it was Hi-Def display, meaning the BioMech can see better than other civilians in Coneria, the whole HUD was displayed scanned the entire area with its obscured features that was central to the Cyber Brain (AI).

    A highlighted link of red box scanned the visual information that was a tiny cardboard-box and the BioMech executed an attack with it’s AXK 25 gas-powered, magazine-powerburst. The bullets scattered in it’s general direction at the box, as the box was penetrated by the bullets, his arm then went into a cease position, the HUD display continued to scan the area and it said, “Area Confirmed, Operation: Successful. All-clear”.
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