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Thread: Star Fox Fanfiction: Origins of War (Prologue, and Chapter 1).

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    Default Star Fox Fanfiction: Origins of War (Prologue, and Chapter 1).

    (Author’s Notes: This is more of a prologue between Star Fox, and Star Fox 64. Determining how Fox’s father died “James McCloud”, and little bit known of his mother “Vixy Reinard”, plus on how James McCloud formed “Star Fox”, we actually didn’t know about much of Fox’s past when growing up so it’s going to be more detailed when he was growing up at the age around 12-18 after he left the Conerian Flight Academy in the lylat system, actually there was a lot of research about some content, but still it’s in my words, overall the whole project is kind of “Human” aspects to it, I didn’t want to make it kiddy. Sorry for all you Star Fox fans out there.)


    In a deep diverse universe, an unknown chart filled with great content of life, a distress signal came from a blue-marbled planet deep within the universe of stars that filled the space sky vanishing the darkness that was within countless of stars gleamed victorious it was a peace-full estate the distress signal became unknown towards the “life” on a different world. "What is this coming from?” stated a simple soldier that was ranked a private first class in a transporter in deep space he raised an eye-brow glancing at the blue transparent hologram as it said, “Error unknown Nebula: Code: 002206” “Huh…?” he stated underneath his breath, “Uh..Sir! You may want to have a look at this, I’m getting an error code on some specific region here..I don’t understand”, one of the Generals stand-byed, “Okay son, send me the orientations” “Transferring…Now”

    Heavy interference and static emitted into the video message in the hologram, “Help us---We’re going---“ loud combustion flew into the area slaughtering each individual inside the blue-marbled planet deep below, static reigned yet again, another response went through, “We’re getting attacked, by some unknown forces!---“ screams were heard into the hologram, “Pause it at 1:00, private” “Yes sir, going through 100kb’s sir.”

    The General glanced at the hologram picture, a big flight ship entered in the Conerian space atmosphere even though it was vague from the fire in entry he knew what it was. “Shall I go through the whole message sir?” “Yes” he said in a great respectful but yet irritating vocal, the private rolled his eyes as he clicked the red small button, “Quick, help us—Corneria, is in trouble! Transferring the data module” The solider sounded like he was in desperate need of aid, he was out of breath, then the video went blank.

    The crew in the star-speeder deflector transporter were shocked by the message; Still awaiting orders from the General, he paused as glanced down he gripped his hat and scratched his head, “Alright” he said in a loud booming voice, as he putted his hat into position the symbol had a grey gradient steel cross symbolizing the Conerian space Center flight General, “Give me the best mercenary soldiers as you can possibly find, contact James McCloud, we have a past together, and he served me well, big money is coming again.” “Aiy-Aiy, sir” the private saluted directly at the General , the General said, “If they want war, we’ll give them a hell-ova good fight”. “Whose they?”

    The crew paused in a perplexed condition, as the crew looked at each other wondering who they were, “Protheans” the General sighed, “So they finally came back to haunt our past huh? Well like I said, we’re going to give them war.”

    Chapter one “Red One”:

    At the planet below eruptions of bombardments occurred from the piercing crafts, citizens were running away from the explosions that were emitting beneath the towns of Corneria endless chaos reigned into the metropolitan area’s skyscrapers that were selling advertisements on a certain product were vanished, towns were crushed with smoke and debris the whole environment changed into anarchy. Earlier on the grown there was a support mercenary collation called, “Red One” , one of the commanders Sergeant Becker radioed in one of the second militants nearby, and his close friend named, James Winchester, Becker stated while carrying his machine gun near his chest his index finger on the trigger scoping in the four guards that were posted he whispered towards James that was nearly 80 ft away, “James, do you see the target?”

    High above one of the sky scrapers barely invisible from the enemies view, James was in prone position gripping his sniper caliber rifle near him, he was covered in a green action ghillie James looked into the ATN Otis-G7 Thermal goggles that was near the fifty caliber rifle, thermography makes it possible to "see" one's environment with or without visible illumination. The amount of radiation emitted by an object increases with temperature, therefore thermography allows one to see variations in temperature. When viewed by thermo graphic camera, warm objects stand out well against cooler backgrounds; humans and other warm-blooded animals become easily visible against the environment, day or night.

    As a result, thermography's extensive use can historically be ascribed to the military and security services. He peered into the scope in the sniper; he reached slowly for the trigger on the sniper, barely breathing to make his shot a bit more accurate and precise he said, “Yes, I have confirmation on the target. Shall I take the shot?” Becker replied, “No, not yet. I’m still in position, wait for the other two.” James stated, “But why?! They’re inside the other building searching for hostages.” Becker was irritated by James statement, he then said quietly and aggressively, “Listen, I’m the only soldier here who is inside the building near the west district, the other district which is the east metropolitan area’s it’s only five miles.” “Look do you want to finish this war or not? Just by killing this guy we can end it.””No! Wait for the other two!” The post guards heard the distinct voice from the corridor the first guard nodded his head for confirmation he used his arm limb for communication as he tapped his “friend”, “Go! Find him”. The guards scattered every-where carrying their own modification weapons, Becker stated, “Damnit, there on to me, James abort, abort now!” the guard found Becker hiding beneath one of the pedestals on a chair, Becker stood up and decided to sprint from the corridor finding the main entry way, but the scenario came to a whole shoot-out, the four guards that were wearing a balaclava, ragged shirts, and same colored brown pants symbol some gangster group, combustion from the guns out-burst and pinned down Sergeant Becker, although James didn’t abort his mission, he switched to another position leading towards the fire-fight below, scanning the area he glanced at the metropolitan area leading inside the building Becker was behind a small brick lay-out with full of shrubs and tall trees, the gangsters were in a category individually paired in each group consisting a flank maneuver if that was the case to eliminate Sergeant Becker, however.

    James peered into the scope once again controlling his breathing to make a good shot, a pulled the trigger, a loud combustion was heard from the sky-scraper a bullet killed one of the guards point blank in the skull, the guard flew his gun up in the air while shooting the gun in the air, he trembled down laying there on the ground, the other three fled into the building one of the guards glanced at Becker trying to shoot behind his back while blind firing, he then ran with his partners inside the building.Sergeant Becker stood up and radioed James again, "Nice work, thanks for saving my life, again. I owe you." James took in a small laugh, "Any time, you owe me for the time I was in the academy." "Alright enough small chatter, we've got work to do." He raised his left arm limb near his chest while he lowered his right arm towards the ground his gun barrel pointed at the cement, he the pressed a simple button that said, “Communicate” a blue hologram appeared from the computer model that was built inside the armored sleeve,

    In holography, some of the light scattered from an object or a set of objects falls on the recording medium. A second light beam, known as the reference beam, also illuminates the recording medium, so that the interference occurs between the two beams. The resulting light field is an apparently random pattern of varying intensity which is the hologram. It can be shown that if the hologram is illuminated by the original reference beam, a light field is diffracted by the reference beam which is identical to the light field which was scattered by the object or objects. Thus, someone -looking into the hologram 'sees' the objects even though it may no longer be present. There are a variety of recording materials which can be used, including photographic film. A person who had some interference on the hologram although it was transparent he knew it was the Captain, the Captain stated in a firm belief, “Are the enemies inside the building confirmed killed? If so, the reward will be tripled” Becker looked down at the ground as he glanced at the cement, “Uhh…Negative, the operation was a failure. I couldn’t get the others.”

    The Captain sighed in disgraced, “You know those modification weapons can mean a lot of harm in Corneria.” I know sir, I am sorry.” Becker glanced at the monitor with his blue eyes again the image on the hologram saw the Captain stood up from the chair he finished some of his paper work at the previous missions that provided currency for each members of “Red One”, and he said, “Okay, well we can have some poundings from the covert group, regroup with the other two in the west district, which is rally point Alpha I’ll set up a barricade for the Protheans, they won’t attack the hostages inside the building. Oh and I got a special mission for you if you choose to accept; Since you failed the other secondary objective, find out information about on James McCloud we need an alibi on him, he could be the person we need to end this war, although he is in a another mercenary group although the mercenary group is currently unknown at this time, I am not sure if he is in a group, or trying to be renowned try reasoning with him as possible. If you can do this, you can probably end the war with the Protheans retreating and then we can take out those modification weapons, but be careful there are BioMecs that are in the area inside the building, try taking them out on the AI portion, use your AxT 7780 if you have to, that was direct orders from the General””Wait they’re BioMecs in the area as well? The race I know who could have made those is the psychopathic Turaces, we haven’t heard about them in years. Why are they making BioMecs?” “We don’t have current information on why Turaces are producing BioMecs, but we have confirmation that they’re making BioMecs again, make sure you eliminate them, Captain Kuris out.”

    The hologram shifted the transparent color as the small interference disappeared from existence, Becker lowered his arm and then radioed James Winchester again, “Alright we need to regroup with the others in the west district in the Cornerian Marketplace, James. See if you can contact a person named James McCloud.” Static reigned in James left ear as he couldn’t hear bad interference from Sergeant Becker’s radio, “Uh. Come again, Becker over.” “Hello?” he tapped his ear piece in his left ear, Becker stated again, “James, come in. We need to regroup with the others in rally point Alpha, in the Cornerian Marketplace. Were the other two are at, see if you can find a person named James McCloud in your records. I’m pretty sure you know him since you were in the Academy.” “Alright, I’ll see what I can do. I’ll meet you in Rally Point A.” “10-4”, the bombardments continued in a small area as a small distinct sound of combustion emitted from the west side of Corneria’s planet.

    (So I hope you had a fun time in this adventure so far, as much as I did writing it, I would love ideas to make this a good fan-fiction. I am writing some more down, I already have Chapter 2 done, but we're saving that for tomorrow (or today when I feel like it) Currently chapter 3 is on its move, so bare with me here. Reviews and compliments are more than welcomed. As for the Halo project I've been working on, I couldn't find my USB chip from school so I can't finish on what I started, sorry guys and gals.)

    (C) Star Fox: Origins of War
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    This needs much editing. The central idea isn't too bad, but you have a few spelling and grammatical errors. Your sentences don't seem very cohesive, I suggest you revise what you want to say and try again.

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