This is a Round Robin. It is a story that will be written by more than one author, about six or more can jion in writing it. It consists of many writers. If you are going to jion in writing it, please be reasonable with your post. You can jump in. Here is the plot. The wolves of Tredium are fighting with the elves of Tredium. What will happen is up to you. Each time a new plot will reveal itself. Each writer can add a new character to a story as the wolf called Imare makes his way to his home land. You can post about 300 words and more. Enjoy. Rules are that you shouldn't post in script format, but you should write as a story should come.


The one called Imare was the leader, a natural born leader of the wolves in Tredium. Tredium meant peace, but there was no peace or rest for the wolves. Hunted by elves the wolves scour the lands for scraps of food, but dare not come close to the elves. The elves with their high hearing and pointed ears had lost the sight of their true way of protecting. It wasn't them they had to protect, but it was the wolves and nature they had to protect in order to live.

Imare looked at the lowered heads of his comrades. This had to stop. Somehow the wolves had to stop running from the elves. They were using the wolves for clothing. Imare looked at all the black furred wolves and wondered if they were made for war... No they weren't.

Their fragile bodies had no good food for days. They wriggle their way through the bushes and past the elves toward the river for water. Many wolves were killed over water. Imare couldn't control his comrades, for instance Sare who killed a fellow wolf over meat. Imare never trusted him after that and sent Sare away, to live on his own.

For now Imare and his comrades was making their way to the Northern valley far away from the elves. The elves had invaded their homeland and this was the last straw. He had to stop the elves somehow, or suffer something worse than death...