If there has ever been a thread u have found really entertaining or interesting then post it here now ^^ ide like to see AF's great thread history!!

My personal fav is a thread by Khanxay. Titles: How many AF members does it take to screw in a lightbulb.

The thread is as following:

How many AF members does it take to screw in a lightbulb? I think 25, at the least. How many do you think?

* 1 admin member to to approve of it.
* 1 member to make a thread about it.
* 2 moderators to moderate the thread.
* 1 member to post a reply asking what a "lightbulb" is.
* 1 member to provide a wikipedia link about lightbulbs. [(cough)MP2K(cough)]
* 1 member to actually screw it in.
* 3 to rep that member.
* 2 members to complain it's not pink. [(coug)HObi(cough)and(cough)Buruku(cough)]
* 1 member to Photoshop it pink.
* 1 member to make a thread in Site Issues complaining the lightbulb won't turn on.
* 3 members to answer that thread. 1 actually helping.
* 1 other admin to fix the problem.
* 1 member to make a podcast about it.
* 5 members reporting the lightbulb thread as spam.
* 1 more moderator to close the lightbulb thread.
i found this thread incredibly fascinating!