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Thread: Original Fiction: Attack Plan

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    Default Original Fiction: Attack Plan

    This is short (really short) story i wrote please feel free to comment on it
    Attack Plan
    “Sir, the attack plan has failed.” My Lieutenant Colonel tells me has he walks into my office with a substantial amount of reports. In the army they teach you to be concise with everything you say. “Sir the attack plan has failed” is short for: Sir Bill, Thomas, Ryan, and everyone else who you have spent countless hours with in this barricade will no longer be living here with us due to a very inconvenient death.
    Wow. There’s only one way to respond to such a harsh realization in such a short period of time, “Alright, carry on soldier.” With that my Lieutenant Colonel sets the papers down on my desk and leaves the room. No doubt I will be receiving a phone call from the general soon saying how we should all take some time off and contemplate on whether the lives of these young men is worth the goals of politicians and bureaucrats.
    RING RING! I pick up the phone and sure enough it is the general, “Get another platoon combat ready we have a new attack plan.”
    After going through the same old routine it is finally time to prep Sam, Alex, Danny, and all the other new recruits on the attack plan. My Lieutenant Colonel very formally and bravely volunteers to lead the attack. Just as formally I decline his request and announce that I myself will be leading the attack. This announcement draws much surprise as it isn’t regulation for a man in my position to lead such an arbitrary attack.
    Despite what you might think the outcome would be for a half assed attack plan drawn up at the last minute as a poor attempt to make up for a similar failed attack plan might turn out, ours didn’t go so well. I guess the Lieutenant Colonel will be telling his new superior officer, “Sir, the attack plan has failed.”
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