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Thread: Original Fiction: My Life as an Anime (Chapter 7-9)

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    Default Original Fiction: My Life as an Anime (Chapter 7-9)

    Now, I don't know how many times the "other me" had gone over girl's houses at night and stayed over... But as for me, this would be the first time. Argh, why did I agree to this?

    Since I had already told her I would go, I got ready and ran out the door. This wish had gone almost exactly how I wanted it to, although I was still waiting for my mech fight. Before, I could only dream things like this could happen, but now I was living it. Am I ready for such a drastic change all of a sudden?

    Whether I was ready or not, I was here. I was going to have to get used to this life quickly.

    I arrived at Yuko's house, but I didn't knock on the door. I paced outside the house for almost ten minutes before I finally got the courage to knock. How was I supposed to act? I was at my girlfriend's house at almost 1:30 in the morning... Was I supposed to be ok with this?

    Yuko answered the door and blushed. "Oh, you're here! I was beginning to think you wouldn't come!" It was like she wasn't embarrassed at all. I was creeped out, but I felt a little more at ease.

    I walked in the house, and the whole house was silent for the next ten minutes. Apparently, she felt just as awkward as I did. I felt much more at ease knowing I wasn't the only one who was nervous.

    "U... Ummm... Have you noticed... Anything strange going on lately?" she asked.

    Well, I had just been taken to another reality where I had special powers, a grilfriend, and a cute roommate. Would you consider that strange?

    "Well, yeah a little bit. Why, is there something wrong?"

    "N... Nothing in particular... I've just been feeling a little... Different lately..." she replied.

    Are her powers awakening as well? I was told not to tell her directly that she had those powers, but how was I supposed to tell her indirectly? I couldn't just use my powers freely... I would look like a freak. Maybe she will realize them on their own. I should just let her discover them...

    "Do you have any strange powers???" she asked abruptly. Well, that solves one problem...

    "I suppose you found yours then?" I replied.

    "Y... Yeah..."

    "Well, that makes things a little easier for me. You see..." I began to say.

    "When he said 'personal trainer' earlier, he meant I helped him train his powers!" Izumi said, suddenly appearing inbetween the two of us.

    Yuko and I nearly jumped fifty feet off the ground. At least warn ME when you're going to do that!

    "H... How long have you been watching us???" Yuko and I both yelled.

    "Hmmm... Ever since Shigeru left the house." she said. "You should learn to collect your things quieter! No one would have been able to sleep through that!"

    Uh-oh. I know the reason she's here, and I also know...

    "Well... Why are you here?" Yuko asked.

    ...That Yuko was going to ask that...

    "To help you learn to control your powers! Now that you've both discovered your first power, you can both begin your training!" Izumi replied excitedly.

    ...and that she was going to say that. Wait a second... We're both going through the same training that I went through earlier today???

    "No! I can't allow that!" I said, slamming my hands on the table. "After what I just had to go through... I can't have Yuko dealing with the same trouble! I just couldn't stand watching her get attacked like I did!"

    Before I could say anymore, Yuko grabbed my arm, which I guess was a sign to stop. It can't be... that she's ok with all this?

    "You don't need to worry about me..." she said. "As long as we both fight our hardest... I know we can defeat anyone who tries to hurt us. So please... Let me fight with you!"

    Let's put it this way... There was a girl with unknown powers who was trying to make me allow her to fight, and a crazy roommate girl who was also trying to make her fight... against me, with powers which aren't that strong just yet. What was I supposed to do?

    "Alright, I get it... However, I want you to be careful. Remember, the things we will face aren't going to go easy on us. We both need to be ready to destroy anything that gets in our way. Are you sure you want to do this?"

    "Trust me, if I can crush your jaw with a single punch WITHOUT using my powers, then I should have no trouble! I'm the one who should be worried about you!"

    Well, she makes a good point...
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