This topic is espeically brought up for 44NekoStar66. I see two sides of that "no such thing as bisexual's thread" that tended to obviously offend ALOT of people. First of all I say he wanted to be a bit of a prick for no reason right? Sooo he pulls a stunt like that, ofcourse that's NOT good or nice at all as i saw in the posts that were made. bisexual IS a catergory of sexuality therefore it exists among the social class and the rest of the world, even science. However im for sure that Neko knew this yet just wanted to joke around and make a riot. which ended up happening. worst part is he's bisexual himself, which makes me wonder STILL why he would proudly say "im bisexual" and still post that thread.

He was wrong for trolling and taking this "joke" a bit too far.

ON the other hand...the AF people were bad repping him left and right which makes me think, will your bad reps matter in the end? why waste your time bad repping such ignorancy of an individual? And just because of one stupid thread? why not take his other threads seriously? If someone screws up in life would you not take them seriously anymore? i see two faults in this. for one thing that "to me you don't exist" sorry that's just acknowleging he's NOT there, therefore your AWARE that he's NOT there. so your still thinking about that person who doesn't exist. get it?

all of this ties to jokes getting way too far. i say if your going to bad rep him for his ignorancy then complain to South Park for all the racial slurs and other stuff in there that are just as offensive as what he said.

i say my rant is done.

Neko you BETTER post in this.