This is about the signature place and that is why it is here.
I am complaining a bit.
It seems like the signature shop is being neglected by many artist.
This is upsetting.
In another site as artist we have a week to make a sig. If we have an delays we tell the people we are making the sig for that there will be delays.
Other then that we should be making these sigs.

Not only that, but I think on the signature shop should have people signed up as artist, we should have a manager and a co-manager, and we should have an updating waiting list.
We should have an application like this one and this is what people should be filling out:
Type - ( Signature or Avatar... )
Theme - ( Bleach, Naruto, any type of show, game or person )
Style - ( Abstract, Grunge, Tech, Classic and so on )
Character - ( A specific character you would like in your signature/avatar )
Image - ( optional, but it would be a great help if you could post a link of a specific image you had in mind )
Font - ( Big, Small, Light, Dark... )
Main Text - ( Username )
Subtext - ( Usually just a quote and/or your Division rank )

Preferred Designer - ( optional, but have in mind that different artists have different signature styles )
I have been waiting for these request to be touched for a very long time.
And its making me very upset that none of them are being completed.
This is my complaint, thank you.