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Thread: Garasu No Kaze - Kotoko

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    Default Garasu No Kaze - Kotoko

    First of all, I don't speak Japanese. I've been trying to find an english translation to Garasu No Kaze for some time and can't, so in the end I sat down with Babelfish and Google Translation tools (YOU FOOL! I hear you cry) and decided to try and do it myself.

    I've almost managed it - I think - except for a few lines, but can anyone tell me if I'm even close? If I am it's a much sadder song than I expected, but I've been caught out that way before. The lines I haven't been able to work out I've left in romaji and bold. Any help at all would be really appreciated. It's driving me crazy!

    The distant riverside town has vanished in the heat haze
    Follow the voice of the defenceless breeze

    For a little while, we can laugh like that day
    We kicked off our hot shoes and jumped off the reedy river bank

    Gently closing my eyes
    sora made wa oesou ni nakute

    Once upon a time in that town we said that we liked each other
    Think back and you will remember me
    Oh well, when things are important, time always passes too swiftly
    boku wa futto unazuita (I was nodding?)
    kimi wa mou inai no ni...

    All the lies hit me in the heart
    It hurt to breathe when you left

    Gently closing your eyes
    The sadness I was too weak to end, you ended for me

    Once upon a time in that town we said that we liked each other
    I’m growing up now, don’t you think?
    Oh well, it was a dream that went nowhere
    That's okay, you’re better at moving on than me

    Once upon a time in that town we said that we liked each other
    Just in that one time when we could meet in peace
    Oh well, Even if that cannot happen again, I will never forget
    Even though you were a coward who threw my kindness back in my face

    The heat haze in the distance is like a warm smiling face
    Gently closing its eyes
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