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Thread: Japanese Translator - Help Wanted xP

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    Post Japanese Translator - Help Wanted xP

    I'm working on a 'secret project' and am in need of help with translation a specific paragraph into Japanese. I may add a few more things in this thread because my project is still under construction. But for now, I'll place the English text here. It's weird...

    All of us: We live in a world, ever-changing.

    We are all equal, yet none of us are the same.

    We live together individually.

    We're a strange race.

    We make things difficult in a world of such free wonders.

    Why is it that some of us enjoy life as others suffer,

    that there are societies while the rest are left in solitary?

    We're all equal, so tell me. Eula:

    Why does it have to be this way in a world that you created?

    Heheh, it's for a story and I want to translate this into Japanese text. So far, I've come up with this from the Google Translator:





    But the rest is hard... and I don't even know the Romaji for this.
    If there's anyone with some spare time, It'd be great if you helped me out, because the Japanese I got is pretty rough. So yeah... I'd like some help!
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