Genre: Supernatural, mystery, horror, ero guro, lolicon (a bit)

Plot synopsis
Little Akazukin is a demon girl. She has a fetish to be eaten alive by Mr. Wolf (Akazukin translates into Red Hood... like Little Red Riding Hood). There are two forces in the world: those who help Akazukin, and those who hinder her on her search for Mr. Wolf. It is believed that if Akazukin does fulfil her fetish and finds Mr. Wolf, the world will be destroyed. During her search, she works as a human organ harvester for a twisted butcher Marco.

Story (9/10)
Awesome story. Once i started to read it, I honestly could not put it down. I read the entire series in one sitting (4 volumes).

Characters (9/10)
Akazukin, she cannot die. There are some parts where her body gets completely and utterly obliterated, yet she still regenerates and walks away. I guess being an immortal demon would be pretty sweet. She's easily the best character in the series. everyone else is just a sidekick for her.
but even sidekicks are awesome.

Art/animation (9/10)
omg, there were some parts where i almost threw up because of what what going on in here. The art conveyed everything perfectly. Nothing was neat and tidy about it at all, it was all grungy and grotesque, like the world they were in.

Overall (10/10)
When I finally finished reading this, I just sat there on my bed for about half an hour, waiting for my heart to stop pounding so hard, and running through everything again in my head. It was a really good manga, and I've never come across ANYTHING like it so far. Claymore is sort of comparable, but it would be like comparing a measuring cup to a bucket; Claymore's got about that much in common with Tokyo Akazukin.

Yes, she is like 10 years old. Yes, she smokes. Yes, she kills people without hesitation. Yes, she is addicted to sex. Yes, she doesn't mind wandering around the slums naked. Yes, she butchers people and harvests them for organs for her employer.
If you have a problem with ANY of the aforementioned, do NOT attempt reading this.