Might’ve been a thousand years ago,
a million tears ago,
her plots to go... Became a faded jaded memory
God knows
I've pleaded with her countless times...
But the reasons and rhymes go nowhere
swaying to the beat of the beat he puts on her, he does his dance of fists
as she lays perfectly still... 'maybe this time he'll think she's dead'
Shaking she waiting for the slamming of the door and the screeching of tires
This woman's so tired
But for now he is gone
And she does her best crawl as she weeps
Telling another once upon a time
To put her lil ones to sleep
Wondering if some day, she too will find her happily ever after....
2 steps from death
1 choice to make but she's afraid of what she does not know
Almost like watching death in slow-mo
I cannot force the courage into her heart
Nor can I make much sense of her garbled dialect of fear
As if he were near she whispers
I'll miss you... But before I could utter a word to ask where she was going..
I was speaking to tone and the phone is laid to rest
she hides hugging her knees tightly
Rocking back and forth upon the bathroom floor
Praying on the strength of her heart
But more so the lock on the door
So fully aware she'll not be alone for long...
Told herself it'd never be as bad as what her parents had
Sad, with childlike eyes wide shut she pushes away the thought
Smiling thru her shame,
letting all the world know how much she’s in love
And with hands on hips in that matter of fact sort of way
She commands my attention as if to say
He said he was sorry... He's not so bad look... Look what he bought me
But at night she dreams ........and Screams in her sleep
Because cover girl... Wont cover her world... Nor the bruises on her face....
I used to see her then...
She belongs to him now, and to him she's little more then nothing
Broken down she longs to cling to something
Hugging jack Daniels tight
Hoping sleep will come her way
It did... Sooner then shed thought
There are days still, I turn to that blackened window pane
Decayed yellow tape and family portraits form tears clouding my brain
she could've been so much more than content with her victim’s stance
Had she had the chance to grasp the knob firmly enough to move it.......
Now this delicate and beautiful flower will no longer rise
Her petals have long dwindled and winter came too soon
She didn't know the seasons would change
before he would
Shielding herself from the rays of the healing sun
This rose returns to the ground
Too afraid to stand...
Its never quite enough to be tough
Shameful a thing of beauty fell to so called "Love"