Lucky Star is an anime centered around Konata Izumi and her friends: Miyuki Takara and Tsukasa and Kagami Hiiragi, and their daily school lives. As the anime continues, more characters are introduced, such as Konata's cousins Yutaka Kobayakawa and Yui Narumi, and schoolmates with interesting personalities, such as the shy, yet athletic Minami Iwasaki, and the American transfer student Patricia Martin. Along with the anime, there is a 5 minute short at the end of each episode entitled "Lucky Channel," with hosts Akira Kogami and Minoru Shiraishi, that begins to develop a plot of its own, where Akira wants to appear as a character in the actual show, and jealous of Minoru (who appears in almost every episode.)

Character: 10/10
I must say, each character's personality has been crafted to perfection. Spacey geniuses next to otaku, and cute twin sisters, one who is rumored to be bipolar, can really get even the most angry of people to smile, not to mention the entire cast of characters that is introduced later.

Story: 9/10
Although the anime centers around small events, such as the athletic festival, or the cultural festival, each episode is well worth watching, even though there is no "plot." However, you are left with a few questions at the end, such as "Does Konata ever get into college?" or "Will Tsukasa become smart and studious?" that do not get answered.

Art/Animation: 10/10
The animation of each character, although small, brings out their absolute best, such as Konata's scatterbrained actions, (continually licking the infamous chocolate comet in the first episode,) or Miyuki's usual redness that appears whenever she becomes embarrassed, are so adorable that they can be made into seperate 100 x 100 avatars and not look strange.

Voice acting/Music:
The opening song is so kawaii, you want to listen to it all day long. And despite the fact that there is no one repeated ending song, (each episode having a different song at the end,) it still contributes to the overall adorableness of the series. The characters have all been matched perfectly with an actor that represents them, my favorite being Aya Hirano (who did the opening song) as Konata. Kanata, Konata's mother, who shows up for the second half of episode 22, also has a very adorable voice.

Overall: 10/10

Lucky Star is a wonderful anime with many ups and downs, and is guaranteed to make anybody smile. If you liked Azumanga Daioh, you will certainly love this anime.