Konoha Academy! Chapter 2: First Day! (A-Day) Part 2

Lunch time: A great time when you get out of class and go into a tiny room with hundreds of people all trying to get food but just getting into a big mess of a crowd. A glorious time when people can actually socialize with each other and eat food. Most people just go for the socializing since the cafeteria food isn’t usually food and gives you a free trip to the nurse’s office. Yup, that’s our wonderfully delicious cafeteria food for you. You can’t eat it without getting poisoned. As I was walking to the cafeteria, I was, once again, knocked down by someone. At this rate, I’ll probably have a record for all the times you get knocked down in a day. Well, this time it was a different person, seeing as how he had silver hair in a low pony tail with Harry Potter nerdy glasses. He was busy picking up some papers from the floor looking very rushed, so I decided to help him since I wasn’t in any hurry to get to the cafeteria and I really didn’t feel like eating either way. Once we were done picking up all of the papers, I gave him the huge stack that I had picked up.

“Thanks for the help. Sorry about running into you though. I guess I was in a big hurry, that I didn’t notice where I was going.” He said, giving me an apologetic smile.
“It’s okay, I’m used to this kind of stuff either way” I replied, getting a better look at him. He was taller than me, and probably a year or two older than me as well by the looks of it. He was wearing dark blue jeans and a dark purple shirt to go with it.
“My name is Kabuto Yakushi. I haven’t seen you around. Are you new?” He asked, knowing well that I was.
“I’m Kairi Hikari, and yeah, I’m new.” I replied.
“So you’re a freshman then?” he asked
“No, not really. I’m a sophomore, but it’s my first year here.” I replied, looking at his now apologetic looking face.
“Oh, sorry about that. You said you were new, so I assumed you were a freshman.” He said, apologizing for his mistake.
“It’s alright, anyone could have made that mistake. That stack of papers looks real heavy. Why don’t you give me some so I can help you out?” I asked, seeming social and friendly. The secret needs me to be social.
“You sure? I don’t want to keep you from lunch or anything. I don’t want to other you with any of this either.” He said timidly.
“It’s okay, you aren’t bothering me at all. Besides, I wouldn’t want you to have the same accident again and run into any other poor unsuspecting students at this school.” I ended up helping him, and it turns out that that he helps out a lot in the nurse’s office. All throughout the whole lunch period, I helped him file papers for the nurse, who was glad to see two kind students helping out. She was so overjoyed, that she shared her takoyaki lunch with us. She called us kind and thoughtful students, but what I did wasn’t out of kindness. I just didn’t want to go into that crowded lunchroom and see anybody. It was less noisy and crowded in the nurse’s office, and I had time to waste. Not only did I get away from the lunch crowds, but Kabuto and I were also able to watch the people that thought they were brave and strong enough to withstand the evil of the cafeteria food. There sure were a lot that were poisoned by the horrible food, and I loved laughing at them. What caught me off guard was that every time a new student came rushing in puking his guts out, there would be a small grin on Kabuto’s face, as if he were enjoying the torment that the students had just as much as I did. I guess I’ll have to find out which one is the real Kabuto: the one that likes helping others, or the one that laughs at other people’s misfortune. Or maybe they’re both him. I’ll have to make sure and always come and help the nurse so I can figure him out. As the bell rang, the end of lunch came and we all had to go to our next classes. Lucky for me, I had biology with Kabuto, so that meant more time for me to be able to decipher who he really was. Our teacher was none other than Orochimaru, a guy with long dark hair and golden slited eyes. His skin was a creepy pale color and he reminded me of snakes, which he kept as pets in the room. He seemed to be fond of Kabuto, who said he used to be his elementary teacher. If Orochimaru was my elementary teacher, I would’ve been in counseling my whole life. Just looking at him creeps me out, not to mention he talks like a snake.

“Students, we have a new exchange student here. I hope she would be kind enough as to please come up here and introduce herself” he said, making every ‘s’ sound like a snake. I’m starting to hate this teacher even more now. Not only does he creep me out, but he makes me the center of attention the first day of school. I had no other choice but to go up and introduce myself, so I did.

“Hello” I said bowing in respect to everyone. “My name is Kairi Hikari, and this is my first year here, even though I’m in 10th grade. It’s nice to meet you all” I said, faking kindness.
“Does anyone have questions for our lovely new transfer student?” he asked the class. As soon as he did, lots of hands were raised and he picked a boy with clear eyes just like Hinata’s.
“Where did you come from Miss Hikari?” he asked
“I came from Tokyo, Japan” I answered simply.
“Why did you come here?” asked a boy with green hair and half his face painted white, while the other half was black.
“I came here for my education.” I lied. My coming here was part of the secret, and that was something nobody could ever know.
“Do you miss being in Tokyo?” asked a guy with blue-ish skin and blue hair that reminded me of a shark, especially with his pointy teeth.
“Sometimes” I replied, never really giving much thought to how I felt. The only thing that was ever on my mind now was the secret and keeping it hidden from others. Many other questions came up and that was basically the whole biology class. For the whole hour of class we had, other than the teacher’s introduction to the class, I was being asked questions and it seemed like it would never stop until the bell rang, signaling the end of class and my salvation. As I was heading out of the class, Kabuto came up to me and we talked while walking to our next class, which fortunately for me, we had together.

“The class really seemed to like you.” He said smiling
“Actually, I think they asked all those questions on purpose just so they wouldn’t have anything biology related today.” I replied
“No, I think they really liked you. There’s just something very interesting about you.”
“I’m not interesting, I’m just normal.” I replied.
“Well, you seem interesting to them. This is a nice small town, so we all grew up together and we rarely have any new students. So, to have a new student is big and everyone gets real excited” he replied
“I just hope nothing like this happens again in any of my next classes” I sighed as we went into our next class, which happened to be chemistry with Asuma. When we saw the classroom, I noticed someone I had met before. It was none other than the duck/chicken butt-haired Sasuke who was being surrounded by girls who all wanted to be in the seat next to him. They were all so annoying, yelling at each other who Sasuke liked best, and it looked like they were also annoying Sasuke, so I decided to end it.

“There you are Sasuke!” I said running up to the seat next to him and sitting on it.
“Just what do you think you’re doing?!?!? You can’t sit next to him!” yelled one of the screaming girls
“Yeah, who do you think you are?!?! You can’t just sit next to him! He doesn’t want you there!” yelled another
“I’m new here, so Sasuke was kind enough to show me around while I get used to this place. I didn’t want to feel alone, so he said he’d save me a seat. Right Sasuke?” I explained to the glaring girls with a nice, innocent face.
“Right” he replied. Just as they were about to protest, the bell rang and they were all told to take their seats.
“Thanks” said Sasuke, looking relieved
“No problem” I replied, as the teacher started talking. He explained everything that was going to happen this year, and that the people we were sitting with would be our lab partners for the whole school year. Sasuke seemed really happy that he didn’t have to be partners with some weird fan girls, Kabuto was also happy because he also sat at our table, and I was happy to see the faces the fan girls had when they heard the news. Asuma seemed like a nice teacher with spiky dark hair and brown eyes. He explained where everything was in the lab and how we would dispose of things, not to mention what to do if anything ever caught on fire. He taught us how to use the fire extinguisher and I ‘accidentally’ sprayed the fan girls with it. It was a real fun class, and I even talked to Sasuke, who didn’t even seem like a person that would want to talk to anyone. The bell rang signaling the end of an interesting first day of chemistry and the journey to Theatre with Anko. I walked to the theatre building, hoping not to get run over by anyone else. When I got to the class, I recognized only one person. The first person that ever bumped into me and took my hat: Tobi. He was with a group of others that I didn’t know, and he immediately spotted me the moment I came in.

“KIYO IMPOSTER!!!!!” he yelled, running over to me and hugging the life out of me.
“My name isn’t ‘Kiyo imposter’” I replied, trying to get out of his grip.
“It’s Kairi Hikari” said a boy with long dark hair and dark eyes to match. He seemed familiar and even reminded me of Sasuke.
“Yeah, how did you know?” I asked, wondering how he knew me.
“He’s the school president. He knows everyone in this school, old or new.” Replied a red headed boy that was with them.
“It’s very nice to meet you Kairi. I’m Itachi Uchiha, the school president. Welcome to Konoha Academy. I hope you like it here. If there is anything I can help you with, just let me know. If I’m not available, then you can also talk to Sasori” he said, pointing to the boy with red hair that answered my question before.
“It’s nice to meet you too. Thank you for being so kind, I really like this school. Everyone here is so kind and helpful. Are you related to Sasuke Uchiha?” I asked, hoping it sounded sociable and kind.
“I’m glad to hear that you like it here. This is a small town, so everybody knows everybody, and we all basically grew up together, so I guess that’s why everyone here is kind to each other and it’s real easy to spot someone new. Yes, Sasuke is my younger brother.” He replied with that velvet smooth voice of his. Before another word could be said, there was a strange explosion with a huge poof of smoke in the center of the stage. Once the smoke cleared off, there was a young lady with purple hair spiked up and purple eyes laughing like a maniac.
“Listen up everybody!!!!! I am Anko and I’ll be your theatre teacher for this year!!!” she yelled enthusiastically. Well, at least now I know why she’s the theatre teacher. She sure does know how to make an entrance.
“Please don’t wreck the stage Ms.Anko. We just got it renovated this summer. I was a little unsure of you being our theatre teacher seeing as how you used to teach gym, but now I understand what Principal Tsunade was thinking when she gave you the position. You sure do know how to make an entrance.” Said Itachi
“Sorry about that, I got a little carried away.” Replied the teacher sheepishly
“That was nothing. You should have seen her as he gym coach last year. It was total chaos. After just going to one of her classes, you wouldn’t be able to walk or anything. Even breathing would be a challenge” said Sasori, shuddering at the thought.
“Tobi thought it was fun!” yelled Tobi
“Only someone as hyperactive and clueless as you would think of pure torture as fun” replied Sasori. The rest of the class was almost normal. Anko told us what we were going to do this year and after that, she gave us some ‘intensive theatre training’ which pretty much looked like gym class to me. After 5 minutes, I knew what Sasori meant and didn’t understand how Tobi could have so much energy. All in all, it wasn’t that bad of a first day of school, I guess.