CHAPTER TWELVE FINALLY HERE!! Sorry for the rediculous wait, summer break sent me to LA LA Land .
So here's chapter 12, and it be-eth a continuation of the Urami flashback. Please, please read that first because you won't understand a word unless you are familiar with the storyline. It is complicated and only three of the characters are actually in the show. Google 'Suna no Ai 9-12' if you cant find here, that will give you the last 2 chapters. I never wrote chapter twelve in that thread and since it is ancient i decided to start a new thread for tha chapter so eveyone knows I am back. Now, here we go with chapter 12. Being serious now.

Urami ran home after a long day at the academy. He couldn't wait to tell his brother, Deidara, everything about it. He was just making it to his house when a sob coming from the kitchen stopped him. It was his mother. He peeked into the door to see his mother holding on to his father and crying into his shoulder.

"Mother..." he whispered.

"I-I can't-beleive he left," sobbed Mother.
"Now, now. I'm sure Deidara will return soon," said Father.

The sentence his Urami like one of his brother's bombs.

"Wha...?" he whispered, "Brother...left?"
Crying he sped away form the house and into the high grass surrounding the village, slipping and stumbling in the pale moonlight. Wiping tears from his eyes, he asked "Why, brother? Why did you leave? I will find you, brother!"

Urami looked all night, and he could't find hide nor hair of Deidara. He slep on the roots of a giant tree in the middle of a forest until dawn. He was awakened by voices. He followed his ears to a small clearing. In the clearing, he saw two figures. On figure wore a black cloak, and the other...was Deidara. They were talking in hushed tones.

"So, the Akatsuki will have me, hmmm?" asked Deidara.
"Yes, but your mission will begin many13 years from now. You have until then to ready yourself."
"What?" asked Deidara.
"I received word that recently, a Jinchuuriki was born in the hidded Sand Village. Your job is to capture him for me."
"What is the target's name?" asked Deidara.
"Gaara," replied the other man.
"The world will be ours, hmmm?"
With a flash, the man was gone. Deidara stood alone in the clearing, a small ring in his open palm. He clutched it in his fist.

"Deidara!" squeaked Urami, rushing out of the trees.
"Urami!" said a startled Deidara, "What are you-?"
"You left to becaome a rouge, didn't you! Didn't you!?"

"Urami, try to understand my reasoning." said Deidara in a calm tone, "Shinobi are not usefull anymore. The age of War is over, and we no longer serve a real purpose. If I join these people, I will have a reason to do what I was born to do...fight."

"Brother! You know that is not true! We must serve our village and nothing more. Why would you betray us!? You want to rule the world? WHY!?"

"Urami...!" breathed Deidara.

"I will kill the Jinchuuriki of the sand!" continued the tiny boy, "You will NOT succede in your goal! I will stop you, brither! I will-"

But the tiny boy passed out from a chop to the back of the neck dealt by his swiftly moving brother. As he blacked out, he heard his brother's voice for the last time.

"I'm sorry, brother..."


The seventeen-year-old Urami kicked the sand on the beach.

"Brother..." he whispered, "YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED!!"

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