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Blind as i mentioned if must.
All this changes is that they have to trinket before starting their recovery. if you're unstealthed when they trinket, you better grab your ankles and kiss your butt good-bye.
Here is a link with all the new rogue talents.Check it out. :]
So elusiveness takes off 30 seconds. Fair trade I think with all of the stun reduction mechanics. 30 seconds is still a lot of time for a mage to set up a shatter combo though.
Yes indeed but if your friend is a CC and he does it to the other guy while you ambush the crap out of the other one then he joins you in the mashing.
....I'd explain exactly what would happen to you in upper-bracket arena if you opened with Ambush every time instead of Cheap Shot, but with 9 classes that'd be pages long. Let's just say you'll end up CC'd silly and before you know it you'll be staring at your character face-down in the dirt, and unless your partner(s) is/are Chuck Norris, your team just lost precious rating.
That would be for arena but i was talking more for BG PvP where team work is good with that skill shadow dance that is.
Critical Mistake--All forms of pvp besides arena doesn't matter.
By the way i don't play rogues that much.My main class is Priest in which i know the most.
Then don't go trying to promote a terrible gameplay plan with a class you don't even know about. There's already enough terrible rogues.
Also i think that we will continue debating forever lol
Yeah, until you realize Shadow Dance is stupid to use with Ambush. Or maybe several months from now you might stop being a terrible rogue, learn to play, you'll make a PvP video, you'll display the effectiveness of Ambush in a successful Arena team, and how it contributes to large-scale team efforts in an organized Battleground pre-made vs. pre-made encounter.

I'd put my bets on the former, but in case of the latter, I'd humbly admit I was wrong.