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Rating: PG-13 (For action theme violence)

Author: taker

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Authors Note: First time doing an Avatar Fan Fiction.

Warnings: Scenes of a martial arts nature and action/adventure elements.

Summary: One night while camping out, a trio of men attacks Team Avatar. The man known only as Pema tells Aang to win his game in the course of one night. Can The Avatar defeat Pema at his own games and rescue his friends in only one night?
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Avatar & the Night of Games
Chapter Four: Pain Without Love
June 01,2008

"When I was ten years old, I met a boy at school, from the moment we met, we were destined to be in each others life. That boys name is Pema, the same Pema watching this game." Kyoshi stood her ground staring into Aangs' eyes.

"Pema was not always the cruel person he is now. He was once my best friend..." Kyoshi stopped momentarily as an vivid image of her and Pema were in an Earth Bending Class flashed before both their eyes.

"He was once my companion, just like Toph, Sokka, and Katara are your companions now." Another vivid image of Kyoshi and Pema walking on foot through mountains, forests, frozen deserts flashed before their eyes once more.

"The two of us were inseperatble. He chose to follow me where ever I went, when I learned Air Bending, he was there failing with me. When I learned Water Bending, he was being frozen as I perfected my bending skills. When FIre Bending was my last element to learn, he was with me with an unnatural ability for Fire Bending." As Kyoshi spoke, the images of Pema Bending Earth with Kyoshi, being frozen inside a wave of ice, and mastering a life time worth of Fire Bending Knowledge in only days painted murals to them.


"Is that why you were so foolishly attached to Kyoshi then?" A blue red cloaked minion asked, only to be drained of his life by Pemas' Staff.

"To answer you question; had you been paying attention you would have known that in every major event of Kyoshis' life; I was WITH her. When her sixthteenth birthday came and passed; as we were getting out of class to go on a date, we were told she IS, or atleast was the Avatar. When she learned each element bending, I was with her practicing it. While I have no ability to bend Water, minimal ability to bend air, and poor ability to bend Earth with Fire Bending it was different. Since I was born under a fiery star, I have an unnatural affinity for Fire. While she learned how to enter the Avatar state, I was there protecting her while several assassins attempted to kill her. There's nothing that happened in her early life that didn't involve me." Pema moved the staff away from the pile of cloth.

"The two of you grew up togher, she was the one you were willing to live mortal life with Master Pema?" The other Green Cloaked minion spoke lowly.

"Yes. While this realms Avatars MUST live mortal lives and experience EVERY single a mortal here does, my realms Avatars aren't. We take a mortal form; but not a mortal life. When it came to the tenth year of knowing each other; I revealed everything about myself to Kyoshi. She didn't get offensive; she wasn't shocked. She was astounded. I told her in two years time, that it would be perfect for me to give up my Immortal Life for just one mortal life with her. But..." Pema trailed holding back his tears and sobbing.


"Despite his heart and feelings for me, he would not live up to his word. When the time came for him to give his powers away to a new avatar of his realm; he would not be where he told me to be. I waited for him where he wrote to me, the the exact spot on Kyoshi Island where I separated Kyoshi Island from the main land. I came at the same exact time at the same exact date for twenty years until I had to move on with my own life. But he never came." Kyoshi took a moment to wipe a tear away from her eye of the memories passing before her and Aang.

"Pema never showed up? Why? If he was going to give up his immortal life for you when he traveled with you for so long and share in every moment of your life; why would he suddenly change his mind and not tell us?" Aang leaned back onto his staff.

"Perhaps out of fear realizing he would one day die." Kyoshi fell to one knee, unwilling to show Aang the pain she hid so long.
The life that Pema and Kyoshi shared flashed in their eyes. Aang felt everything she felt when a vision past through. Aang knew then that Pema wasn't always an evil person. At one point he was good person that held a big place in Kyoshis' heart. The time they spent togher as children to her becoming the Avatar even until the last day they saw each other, Pema was sincere about becoming a human and living a human life with the Avatar. Aang wiped his eyes trying to get the visions to leave. When he had finished, Kyoshi was gone and stood there a moment. Suddenly he heard lightning crack near him and Zuko scream. Despite everything Zuko had done to him, he was still a human and he had to save Zuko, even though it displeased him greatly.


"She abandoned everything we had, our entire life togher, our joy, our sorrow, even our love. She chose to leave me when I wanted to show her I would never again be in my current form. I wrote her a letter to meet me in the Northern Air Temple, but she never came. I came every single day for Two Hundred years, then I found out she died and the next Avatar is a new born Fire Bender named Roku. She betrayed my trust in her and mortals so badly. I don't know what I did to deserve it. But it's not called for! She decided that I had to be punished for what? Loving her as a mortal? NO! I WILL NOT ACCEPT THAT! She and the current Avatar will pay for the years of pain I had to suffer..." Pema stood in his chair and shot a lighting bolt straight to the ceiling.

"Master Pema you'll destroy us!" A red cloak figure tried warning, only to be shot with lightning himself.

"Don't tell me what I'm doing! I know what I'm doing. I made all of you, and I can destroy all of you. Play on little Avatar..." Pema leaned over to watch his games continue.

Pema bit down, grinding his teeth as he saw the Avatar run around the labyrinth. Two game down, three more to go he to finish. By the end, he knew what he wanted Aang to go through. As Kyoshi tore his heart out, so to speak, he would tear Aangs' heart out as well. He looked at two blue cloaked figures standing behind him.

"Prepare the next four lambs, the prisoners of those who remain in the lab. I don't want to risk anything, I'll over load the remaining benders if I have to. Get me Toph, Sokka, Katara, Tae, and Iroh. It's time to make them feel the loss I have suffered a second time in my life. NOW!" He shot lightning at the two figures, they ducked it and quickly ran for the Cell Chambers.


Zuko hit the way hard as Azula ran to him. She tried to stab him with a dagger she bad brought, only for Zuko to bend a Fire Dagger of his own to protect him. The flames searing hot, but Azula never broke a sweat.

"Zuzu, do you know why dad loves me and not you?" She put her foot against his chest; and kicked off hitting his jaw.

"Shut up." He recovered and ran at Azula with two Fire Daggers, one in each hand.

"Because daddy dearest knows that unlike you, I have everything it takes to become the Fire Lord." She ducked under one of his sloppy slashes and threw a flaming fist at him.

"Since when have you called dad "Daddy Dearest" Azula?" Zuko jumped up and attempted to giver her two flaming roundhouse kicks but missed.
Azula stuck her hand against Zukos chest and shot lightning connecting at point blank range. Zuko flew back; crashing into the wall. Rou who had be slicing his way through the walls with his special weapons heard him crash near him. The Fire Nation had caused so much harm to the World; he could not in good conscience allow Zuko to bear the weight and punishment his great grandfather Fire Lord Ozai brought fourth to the world. He stopped what he was doing and cut through another wall hoping to find him.


Aang ran though the maze looking for Zuko from his scream. However he couldn't get close enough as his path kept changing. He took his bow staff and with a press of a button, it became an Air Glinder and he took over the walls to see the maze. He saw Zuko and Azula locked in combat with Zuko moments away from defeat and certain death. He dropped down and hoped he would get there before it was too late as Azula began to summon another Lightning Bolt.

Aang dropped down as fast as he could bend the air around him. But it wasn't enough, Azula sent a lightning bolt at her unconscienous brothers body, it came closer and closer until it struck up him and exploded. Aang landed on the ground and looked at the clearing dust to see if Zuko was alive or not. Azula smiled but when the dust settled Rou Umi was standing, his blades glowing but his eyes weren't. The lighting had created a black creater in the wall. Zuko looked up shocked that someone had chosen to WILLINGLY save him.

"I doubt think so... you're not doing a good job of acting like his sister. I doubt the Princess of the Fire Nation would really try to kill her brother." Rou held his blades ready to strike Azula.

"Actually she would try to kill me." Zuko snapped sending a wall of fire at Azula.

She quickly ducked the attack and sent forth a red colored wave of fire. Aang sprang towards Azula swinging his Bow Staff bending the air to break away the fire. Using the moisture in the air, Rou used it to create an Icy Prison to hold Azula still.

"Let me go! You don't treat me this way!" Azula vainly struggeled to free herself.

"You're not Azula. She could break that ice without trying. She also uses only blue fire." Zuko took Rous hand to help him back to his feet.

"This only a deception. Lets hurry and free ourselves before the time limit expires. Stick togher and we won't fail. We just need to find Jin now." Rou bent more water to completely freeze over the Azula deception.

The three benders stare at the quickly fading Azula mirage. The look at Rou for a moment. He looks back at Aang and Zuko.

"What?" He looks at them and walks past the two to continue looking for Jin.

"How did you get here?" Aang asked the most simple question.

"A Hunter never reveals his hunting secrets." He keeps on walking with Zuko and Aang following behind.

"Why are you blades glowing then?" Zuko ask pre-empting .

"A gift from Tui and La for my journey!" Rou answer quickly as if he knew that would be next.


Jin used the Dust Tornado around him to try and deflect the fire sent his way. But the Fire Lords power was too great as it broke through and synged Jins right shoulder. He fell onto the ground and stomps his right heel on the ground. A piece of the Earth below them to shot up and flew at Fire Lord Ozai. He shot lightning at the block and destroyed it. He shot another bot at Jin hitting his left shoulder. Jin paniced having lost the use of both arms. He tried to scurry away from the Fire Lord, but the Fire Lord gave him serverly burn feet for his efforts. He cried out loudly in pain. The three could hear him crying out but were having much difficulty finding him.


Pema looked out to see Aisu was taking a slow time torchuring Jin Chun. Although memories past still hurt him, those feelings were matched with pleasure that the Avatar couldn't protect everyone. He leaned over and could see they were so very close. But couldn't get to him. If they only knew; Rou had gotten to Zuko and Aang by luck. Aisu had to change his method if he wanted to make things more entertaining.

"Save him young Avatar. Save Jin Chun before he dies at his own hands." Pema reached for his crystal ball.

Grabbing it he pulled it up for him to look at. The crystal ball glowed brightly. Pema didn't say a word and it bagan to show that he and Aang will definately meet in the final round. The two circle each other for several moments. He shots out several fire balls and he looks away not wanting to know how the final game plays out.


"Rou! How did you find us? Do it again!" Aang begged the older Water Bender.

"I used these blades to cut through Aisu's illusionary walls, but I can not tell where Jins' screams are comming from!" Rou slashes a wall and the three walk forward.

"I don't like the three of you, but I know we have to help Jin. We need an expert Earth Bender if we want to take out Pema." Zuko pressed his head against a wall hoping to hear something.

"Give me a second." Once more Aang opened his glider.

He jumped into the air and was carried up. Again he saw Pema looking on, one legged crossed and his head supported by his right hand. He wanted to go to him, but knew he had to play by his rules or risk a penalty he didn't want to get. He looked down and saw someone hurting Pema at different parts of the Labyrinth. He guessed at which way they should go and dropped back down gently with Rou and Zuko.

"There's many different areas. I don't know." Aangs' eyes fell down.

"Aang... I know it's difficult. We can find him. He may be a rude Earth Bender. I don't think he's a weak one or deserving this ill fate. Think Aang." Rou tried reassuring him.

"Aang, we're not friends. But I know Jin and his sister are innocent people who got caught up in this wierd game. I know you can make the right choice." Zukos words shocked Aang.

He breathed in and breathed out slowly. He quickly got into a meditative state like Monk Gyatso taught him. He concentrated hard to see the labyrinth. Many paths, most leading in circles. He could explore them all mentally. As it appeared they wouldn't find Jin in time. He saw what he needed to do.

"If we go backwards, we'll be going foward. BEHIND US!" Aang pointed at a wall.


The Fire Lord looked down on his fallen enemy. He laughed as he walked around him kicking him and burning him with each boot.His clothes became tatters and his skin darkened. He wanted to fight back couldn't. He wanted to save his sister from Pemas imprisonment if it was the last thing he did.

"The end is now." Ozai sends out two more lightning bolts.

The bolts strike Jin and once more he's screaming at the top of his lungs. He can feel his skin begining to scare and attach itself to his remaining clothes. His heart slowing down and his head getting fuzzy. With his last once of breath, he spat on Ozai. The world began to fade on him. Everything getting darker as he faded out of conscienceness. The pain dulling as the light faded from his world.

"Tae... I'm sorry... forgive me..." Jin closed his eyes.


"TOPH! Could you PLEASE STOP!? That noise is annoying!" Katara glared over to Toph with a half crazed look.

"You can't get it. I did that before you guys got here, for three hours. I only ending up hurting my wrists and giving myself a headche." Tae chimmed in with her two cents.

"Why are sissies laying down? Any Earth Bender I know wouldn't just lay there." Toph tried looking in her general direction.

"That may be true except. I CAN NOT EARTH BEND. I never learned how to Earth Bend unlike my brother." Tae stuck her tounge out at Toph knowing she could get away with it.

"Shut up! I'm not tossing the towel in. Hey Water Queen, have you thought of anything?" Toph shy asked Katara.

"Oh... I don't know. I'm the Ice Queen, and as such I'll just give you a cold reaction." Katara began to think of an idea to escape.


"So... Iroh... How did you end up in here?" Sokka leaned against the Cell Door.

"Me and my Nephew were bedding down for the night several days ago. That man Pema and his two warriors attacked us. The on known as Aisu has a shield that absorbs any bending abilites. His partne Ryuu on the hand has armor that's indestructable, much like our confines that cut off our abilites to bend our respective elements." Iroh stopped smiling for a moment.

"Something wrong?" Sokka stood up hearing a door down the hall opening.

Five figures walked down the hall, each one wearing the same cloaks that Pemas' pupils wore. Each one wearing a color matching different bending. One Red Fire cloaked figure stopped with one Blue Water cloaked figure before Sokka and Iroh.

"Time for you two to come with us." The red figure raised his hand against the cell and the bars pared.

Sokka charged head rsit into the red figure. He slapped his back and tossed him at his partner. The partner give a massive headbutt to Sokka knocking him onto the ground Iroh stood up and chose not to do anything. He looked at them with a stern face.

"Keep giving us those defiant looks old man. I'll knock that wise smile off your face." one of the blue cloaks threatened Iroh.


"Get up girls." A red cloaked figure released their cell door.

Toph ran at the Red Cloaked figure and attepted kicking him in his face. He moved aside very quickly and grabbed her by her neck and set her back to her feet. Tae could only sit up as two green cloaks grabbed her arms. Katara stood up and walked out without any incident.

"Aang... please hurry..." was Kataras thought as she was led down a hall.

"Where are you taking us?" Sokka spoke up as he saw his sister ahead of him.

"Master Pema knows the Avatar and his team are a force to be acknowledged. He has decided that in the fourth round, they must know the feelign of loss that he has sustained. You're going to be their opponents in the fourth round." The red cloaked figured began cackling as they were led down the hall.


Authors Notes: If you can not tell; Kyoshi & Pema are BOTH telling the same story at the same exact time. I don't recall Azula using non-red fire ever. Yeah, I'm really sorry about the uber lateness. I've been busy lately, sue me