Plot - [10/10]

Ichigo Marshimaro, better known as Strawberry Marshmallow, follows the lives of four young friends through the everyday adventures of pre-adolescence, Chika, Miu, Matsuri, and Ana, along with Chika's, older sister, Nobou, whom everyone called Onee-chan. Though a simple story line, it is clever, cute, and concise, and will remind you of your younger days when your main problem was what to do when it rained. The humor, of course, is adorable, like when Ana decides to pretend to be fully American and not speak any Japanese. The problem there is, she cannot speak English well.

The main reason this anime is so well done is that is deals with real life issues, thus making it more relatable. And, face it. WIth all of these action filled, assassin-agent-save the world from alien take over animes out there, Ichigo Marshimaro is a breath of fresh, and real, air.

Characters/Character Development - [9/10]

The characters each have their own distinct personalities - Chika is the voice of reason who, on more than one occasion, gives in the wild "give me your homework plz" child, Miu and her crazy antics. Matsuri is your moe character, because face it, we all need a little moe. And Ana is your friend who has a big secret that only you know about, but the secret isn't bad so it's still fun. Nobou has a bit of a fettish when it comes to cute girls, which even further adds to the humorous quality of this anime. However, the characters at times can be a little stereotypical, and I think we are all a bit too used to that.

As for character development, there really is none. Which is actually realistic. The anime only covers about a years of real time, and not much developing is done in a year.

Art/Animation - [10/10]

If you like a cuter style of anime, this, by all means, is the anime for you. The art is absolutely ADORABLE. I could not stop gushing over how cute Matsuri is! The art never gets sloppy, and though cuteness is exaggerated, the backgrounds are always realistic, and body portions are correct.

Voice Actors - [8/10]

There is nothing that special about the voice actors - a lot of animes choose voice actors with adorable voices. Still, a lot of those animes choose the cute voices for viewers, even if it doesn't really go along with the show. In this case, however, they do (BTW, The voice actor for Chika, Chiba Saeko, is the same for Dokuro-chan from Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan.

Soundtrack - [10/10]

The opening, Ichigo Complete, is song by all the voice actors and is very cleverly written and of course, adorable. I bet you could listen to it all day. The lyrics are not cliched, and the music is well done. That goes for the ending as well.

Overall - [8.75/10]

Overall, Ichigo Marshimaro is a rewarding anime to be seen. Plus, there are only 24 episodes, and giving it's humor, art, and complete cuteness, you'll be able to finish rather quickly.