Yu-gi-oh Music To Duel By - I'm Back


Corrections appear in red.

Verse 1

Outta here
It was time to pay my dues
Never guessed that you'd be dressed in my clothes and in my shoes

Bridge 1

You couldn't wait to move right in
If I were you, I'd be concerned
Ain't no way your gonna win
Bet you didn't count on my return


Thought you were so tough
You had it all under control
Now enough is enough
I'm gonna take back what you stole

Give it up, 'cause now I'm back

Verse 2

On my own
All alone
This ain't how the story ends
Now I see those close to me
They were just fair weather friends

Bridge 2

You suckered everyone in sight
With promises that fooled them all
You may be top dog tonight
The bigger they come, the harder they fall

Repeat Chorus