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Thread: Sledgehammer Romance - KOTOKO [ED Princess Bride]

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    Default Sledgehammer Romance - KOTOKO [ED Princess Bride]

    After making my id and getting the test, I've tried to upload my first translation, but it seems that my submission was not queued and I'm not sure if it is normal or not. Plus the lyrics of this song is not so easy and neither English nor Japanese is my native language, so I think it's not a bad idea to discuss my proposal. So please feel free to pick any mistakes. BTW, I think this is the best song by KOTOKO in spite of Princess bride!, hope more people enjoy it.

    Thanks in advance.

    ---------------- cut here -------------------------

    Sledgehammer Romance
    Lyrics by Masaki Motonaga (元長柾木)
    Music by KOTOKO
    Sung by KOTOKO

    土曜のキスよりも 覚悟して 飛び出した 行き先は
    More determined than a Saturday kiss, I ran out to the place
    パパもママもいない場所 だけど 一つの夜空を 見えるなら いいよね
    Where neither dad nor mom is. Yet I'm happy to see the same night sky.

    探さないでね みんな大好き 裏切りちゃって ごめんね
    Please don't look for me. I love you all. Sorry for betraying you.
    これが最初の 正念場だから わがままを許して
    This is my first moment of fate [1], so forgive me for being selfish.

    結ばれたボクらの(果てしのない) ロングセイリング(帆を上げて)
    The long sailing (endless) of us who are bound together (hoist the sail)
    どこまでも行くよ ずっと 小さな心は 離れはしない
    Will continue to anywhere ceaselessly. Little hearts shall not be parted.

    久遠の荘園は 塵となり 灰となり 潰えても
    Though the ancient manor tumbles down to be dirt and ashes,
    死が二人を別まで ともに 無明の荒れ野を 二人きり 歩もう
    Til death do us part, the two of us shall walk the wilderness of avidya alone. [2]

    尾根渡る風 落ち延びる騎士 歴史の終わる 足音
    Wind crossing the peak. A knight running far away. Footsteps telling the end of history.
    過去も未来も 戦場に消えて 天の星となって
    Past and future will disappear on the battlefield and become stars in the sky.

    取り戻せ玉座を(かけがえない) 愛しき王子よ(そばに居て)
    Regain your throne (no other than you), beloved prince (be beside me).
    わたしの名はプリンセス 鋼鉄の愛は 砕けはしない
    My name is princess. Love of steel shall not be broken.

    甘い吐息と ささやきの海 あふれ続ける 睦言
    Sweet sighs and whispering ocean. Overflowing words of romance.
    肌触れ合わせ 揺るがない気持ち とめどない口づけ
    Touched skins. [3] Unhesitating feeling. Ceaseless kisses.

    The beat strikes my heart (this heartbeat) like a sledgehammer (does not stop).
    燃えるロマンスは いつも 天文学的 永久にボクらは
    Blazing romance is always astrological. Shall we be so forever. [4]

    取り戻せ玉座を 愛しき王子よ
    Regain your throne, beloved prince.

    [1] 正念場 means the most important scene in Kabuki where the basic character of protagonist is expressed, and metaphorically 'a do-or-die situation'. I think it is not so bad.
    [2] avidya, sanskrit for 無明, is a Buddhist term meaning the fundamental ignorance of human beings.
    [3] Literally, this might more mean that the skins are touched to cause the unhesitating feeling, but I couldn't find a smart expression.
    [4] In fact this is an overinterpretation. Original text "永久にボクらは" does not close the sentence properly. I considered 'shall we forever' or 'shall we be forever' but I'm not sure how they make sense.
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