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Thread: Onegai Teacher Wallpaper

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    Default Onegai Teacher Wallpaper

    Hi there folks! I'm new here. I found a beautiful wallpaper of Onegai Teacher on the website, but unfortunately, it came on some low resolution, and also, there wasn't any version for a widescreen. I was wondering if anyone knew of someplace to find it on, like, 1440x900. I leave here the link to the wallpaper so you can see it (HERE). I would aprecciate a lot if someone could give me something like that on the resolution I need, because I don't want to crop it, and I'm not really that good with Photoshop so that I can fix it for the widescreen. Thanks for the great site, keep up the good work, see ya!

    P.D: Maybe someone who has the time and is good with some photo editing software could fix it for that resolution for me. Just asking anyway.
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