mina-san! i made a song that i would really love to make it in japanese. however, am just still trying to learn how to speak japanese and the language itself.

even if by stanza or by sentence would be great help if you can help me translate it.
thank you for very much to everyone in advance.. ^^,


My love isn't it confusing
when this world turns down on us
can't you feel this frustration urging
everyone seems to want to break us apart

this frustration is unavoidable
i can't help but cry in silence
my tears dwell in our future's existance
would it be enough to show

this love we feel can grow
this avenue of existance
strangles our worlds apart

confusion arise as there is No escape to compromise
My love isn't it painful
to ask if isn't our love enough
for them and for us
as evidence of everything we have... and hold...


this is our time.. to wake up..