...but have shallow pockets.

Hi Everyone!

I've had this idea in my mind for a while now and I just wanted to bring it out and see what other people thought and felt about it.

I love Anime.
It has fundamentally changed my life and made it better.

Unfortunately, I am quite poor.
That will change in the near future, but, for now, yeagh : poor.

I cannot afford to pay for my Anime loving.
If I had to pay, I simply would be forced not to watch.
And that would be very painful for me, because Anime is very dear to my heart.


I watch my Anime from the countless streaming sites all over the net.

I am deeply grateful for the effort people put into preparing these sites.

I love Youtube.
I watch plenty of "homemade" videos and find them captivating, but, I admit to watching plenty of copyrighted shows too.

I simply cannot afford to be buying DVD's.
I cannot.
If the choice was between buying the DVD or not watching the shows, I would have to choose the latter.

That would be a shame.
Anime is making me a better person, and, the world needs us all to become like our favorite Anime characters.
Wonderful friends.
and just plain : cool.

I have a temporary solution though.


I can't afford to spend hundreds of dollars on DVD's, but, I can afford $10 here, $20 here, once in a while.

It's not much,
I'd like to make a gesture of appreciation to the studio and artists who produce the Animes I so dearly love.

I'd like to send them money directly.


I just had an idea!

A new website :


A website where :

1. Fans could post messages specifically for Anime studios and Anime artists!
2. Fans could make direct PayPal contributions to studios and artists.
3. Fans would have their own profiles of course and could post their pictures, their art, their personality, so that their favorite artists, seiyuus, etc. could see what their fans look like.

What do you think!
Is this idea pretty cool?


I love Anime.

I am so very grateful to the artists, the voice actors, and the studios.

They deserve to be compensated for their art.
Until humanity evolves beyond the idiocy of Capitalism, "thank you" and "heartfelt appreciation" will not be sufficient.
I think people donating what they can is really very nice.

Maybe you can't afford $300 for the entire Naruto collection.
But, you can afford $10 as a donation for watching the series on Veoh.

$10 is better than nothing.
In fact $10, is something a LOT of people can afford...

You know what...
The studios could make TONS of money from this.

There's this story about a knight.
His king told the knight he could ask for what he wanted.
The knight knew he couldn't ask for a huge amount up front,
so he asked for a single gold piece and only requested the amount
be doubled every day for a month.
The king was not good at math and thought that was a very easily fulfilled request.
At the end of the month, the poor King had conniptions.

$10 isn't much, but, multiply that by all the Anime lovers out there who can't afford much, but still want to show the love...



would be such a cool site to meet the artists and seiyuus and show them a little monetary gratitude.


Like the idea?

P.S : The idea was inspired today by me watching episode 3 of Yu Yu Hakusho, particularly the touching scene where Yusuke tutors Kuwabara in the latter's dreams. It's so sweet and touching! ah...rivalry. It's such a neat thing isn't it? I just wanted to thank the author and studio for creating such a unique and human moment. It opened my eyes to a vision I never considered, and I'd like to show my gratitude. It's the powerful feelings Anime evokes in me that I love and crave and am grateful for.