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Thread: Sign-up: Clash of the Multiverse 2: Rise of the Forgotten Universe

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    Default Sign-up: Clash of the Multiverse 2: Rise of the Forgotten Universe

    Approved by Mia-MOS

    Also, though it is I, Luzifer, who am posting this, it is actually Hollow Ichigo who is the GM, I merely designed the universes.

    Clash of the Multiverse 2: Rise of the Forgotten Universe

    Three hundred years ago an ancient and deadly contest of strength and power was held. Those that fought were the strongest of all the warriors in over six universes. Those fighters were called the ancient ones. They fought to display the fighting skill and the pride of the universe. To show those that they were honorable and trustworthy. However there was one that was different. One that only wished to gain power at the price of another’s life. That man was Aoshi Sanada.

    Aoshi fought his way to the top. Defeating any that stood in his way. His power was so great that it was said no man or beast could stop him. However one did. This man was from a universe all in itself a mystrey. No one knew is name or had seen his face. He was a ghost. Aoshi and this man fought for days. Neither man getting the edge over the other. Then the most unbeliveable thing happened. A portal was opened. In it some say was a hidden universe. One that held unknown secrets. Aoshi, with greed and the lust for power so fabricated around his body and mind, jumped into the portal. He has never been seen sense that day those years ago. Not till over one hundred years after that day.

    The man fighting Aoshi turned out to be a well respected man from hte Alcemic universe. A universe that was lost so many years ago. He was the strongest of all the warriors to date and in his hands held the key to enlightenment. A power that is said to be from the Gods. That man was Tetsuhara Ohgi. He became the sixth master of the universe. These were six individuals that were the strongest of all the universes. Each holding command over a stone. Each stone having it's own different power and fuctions. Tetsuhara's was unknown. It had been one hundred years sense he had fought Aoshi.

    One day however the skies over the Mystic unverse grew black with terror. Aoshi returned. With him a army so massive that it blocked out the very sunlight around the planets. Tetsuhara fought his hardest but was defeated. Aoshi had become stronger in his hundred years. With the Multiverse at the brink of destruction the six masters did what was done. In an epic battle the six master came together using all six stones to create a black hole. From this black hole rose the Guardian of Destruction. A being so strong that it was locked away for over three thousand years. With him at their side the masters were about to lock Aoshi in the very universe he come from. The universe was known as the Forgotten. After the battle however the masters began to age rapidly. Tetsuhara had been using them. He absorbed the power of the other masters and the stones before sealing the guardian back into his resting place. he took up the name High Lord in proof of his new power. Those other master soon died from lack of strengh and their stones in which were connected to their very souls.

    The High Lord began another game. Calling it the Clash of the Multiverse. He took the best and pit them against one another. However lasted till the end faced him. He killed many. Then he was faced againt someone who he never thought would survive. His very son. Takaya Ohgi. With the power of his friends behind him Takaya defeated his fether learning everything about his past. The high Lord however was smart in all his years. he sealed within his son his dark aura saving a piece of himself inside his only child. Takaya fell into a deep sleep after ward. The stones were once aga released into the world. Their whereabouts are unknown to this very day.

    It has been over one hundred years sense that day. A familiar darkness has begun to cover the multiverse. He has returned. Aoshi of the Darkness. Emperor of the largest army known to man and beast. Made of thousands of warrios from the darkest reaches of hell. Powered by his hatred and lust for control. Aoshi will burn a trail of death and destruction into any that stand in his way. Only those the bare the mark of the masters will be able to stand against him. Those five warriors must find the tomb of sealing and release form it the warriors that holds the strength release form the warrior their true potential. They must find Takaya and release him before finding the stones that belong to them. Only then will they be able to defeat Aoshi, and the universe that now sere under him. If not then all that they knew will vanish in the blink of an eye.

    This is the Clash of the Multiverse. The Rise of the Forgotten Universe.
    The machine universe consists of but a single planet, Noumenon. However, this planet is covered entirely with a single massive city. Wires and gears and other pieces of machinery fill the city. The people of this world are calm and logical thinkers, almost to the point of dispassion. They often lack the physical abilities of other races but compensate with a mastery of technology and a cool head that allows them to formulate plans in the thick of battle. It is rare to see a person from Noumenon loose his patience and rush into a situation.

    Along with their mastery of technology they are able to analyze their opponents and determine weakness with great speed. Because they use technology rather than their bodies it is possible for them to alter their equipment quickly between fights to deal with different threats.

    Phenom - There is a second world in the Machine universe, but it is not a physical world. It is the world of the net. With the advent of the net and the increased use of high level AIs to perform difficult tasks on Noumenom, Phenom grew in complexity and became populated with more advanced AIs. Eventually "ghost" AIs developed which were not made but seemed to spring into being due to clots of data. In addition, as cybernetics became more prolific and eventually were incorporated in the human brain it became possible for people to directly access the web. These individuals be they AIs, Ghosts, or humans, share similar abilities. They are able to use the net to move between data pockets anywhere in the multiverse. They possess a wide range of data manipulation abilities and, when threatened with death, can recede back into the net to maintain themselves.

    The Animlia universe is a universe where mankind has long been a second tier predator and been forced to fight against animals that would hunt them and eat them. Each planet has different conditions and adaptations, but all members of the animalia universe are well conditioned and have an love for the top tier animal of their world that borders on the religious. In formal occasions they often dress in the skin or feathers of that animal.

    Canius - This planet has large amounts of temperate deciduous plants. Its forests are endless, trackless, and primordial and the constant bay of wolves echos throughout its 20 hour nights. For that is when the wolves hunt and when the groups of humans must be active and ready for ambush. The people, like the wolves that are the pinnacle of their planets evolution, move in packs. No one will opt to leave their group of their own free will and exile is a punishment akin to a death sentence. In fact, a idiomatic expression of theirs which literally translates as "Lone wolf" is used to signify a corpse. The people of this planet tend to work well in groups and have above average nocturnal vision. They possess good strength, endurance, and agility, however, they tend to falter in single combat because they aren't used to the paradigm.

    Felius- A world of thick jungles and heat, Felius is the home of largest breed of wild cat in all the known universes. The people of this world, in an inverse of those of the planet Canius, are fierce loners, and are highly territorial. Most, after leaving their parents, will not have lengthy interactions with another human until they marry. Marriage is typically handled by simple romantic flight. This has led to the notion of chance meetings becoming very important to Felians. The people of Felius are incredibly quick and agile with amazing dexterity. They are very used to fighting alone, even against other humans as territorial skirmishes are not uncommon. However, they tend to get wounded easier and longer than others of the Canians.

    The savage universe is even more inhospitable than that of Feudal. Many of these planets have been given the title "Death Worlds" which refers to a planet that has a mortality right that is within four percents of the birth rate. Meaning populations in the Savage universe grow slowly if at all. Most people never live past the age of 16 and those that achieve the age of 25 are considered elders.
    Most of the people in this universe achieve physical maturity at a relatively young age, being fully grown by 15. This leads to a faster metabolism rate and the need to eat more food than other universes. However, because of this they tend to be strong and faster than others and are capable of surviving exposure to extreme conditions. In addition they can tap into their rage to unleash even greater strength. However, technology is almost non-existent in these worlds.

    Id - is the closest world to the sun in the Savage universe and because of this the temperature on the planets surface is the hottest in the multiverse. The planet also rotates at an extremely fast rate, to the point that a day on Id is the equivalent of a single earth hour. This is the reason man can survive on the planet. For the scorching heat of day must return to the cold of night. During night time the temperature falls dramatically (due to the thin atmosphere that is comprised almost solely of oxygen near the surface) to -50 degrees Celsius. Both of these extremes are necessary for the humans on this planet live near great underground masses of water. This water acts as balancing agent. Taking in the heat of day and cool of night and minimizing the the temperatures to a more manageable 50 degrees in the day and 5 degrees at night. The humans of this planet have evolved to the extant that this is fairly comfortable and they can withstand exposure to both heat and cold with equal ease. However, they are by no means immune and will still be burned by fire and frozen by contact with temperature below -10 degrees Celsius.

    Ego - Ego is the second planet out and it is dominated by tall trees that reach to the heavens. However the ground is covered by a poisonous mist that the plants release. In response the humans built their living quarters in the canopy. The floor, however, is where all the fruits are located so the people have to expose themselves to the poison in order to harvest the fruit. In addition their are planets known as creeper vines that will wrap around the individual and hold him or her in the mist until they succumb to the poison. The body is then broken down for its precious nitrogen. In response the humans on this planet have developed a resistance to poisons and are able to survive off of minimal oxygen. This not only means they can hold their breath for extended periods of time, but in oxygen rich areas (aka normal conditions) they have higher endurance than normal humans.

    It is from the mystic universe that all magic spreads through the multiverse. It gushes out from the center of this universe like a grand geyser of power and life, an region that is called "The Eye of All". So strong is the magic energy that it is visible near the center and destroys those that seek to enter its core. Many have tried though but none have succeeded in seeing the center of this greatest of all magic storms.
    With so much life and magic inundating the planets near the Eye it is no surprise that every person in this world has at least some control of magic. The planet Telos in particular, being the closest to the Eye, has a strong community of mages. In fact, while it is on the surface a democratic-monarchy (with kings elect every 5 years), in reality it is control by a magio-oligarchy by those who control magio-industrial corporations.
    Even animals have the ability to use magic. The dragons of the Kendred Canyon on the plant Logos for instance, despite being slow of wit and large of bulk, are able to fly by creating strong up drafts of air underneath their wings. These dragons were later tamed by riders of the same region though it wasn't until a century ago that mounting a dragon became viable because the aforementioned updrafts would rip the rider of the dragon's back. However, with the advent of a more advanced saddle this has been fixed.
    Another characteristic of those from this area is rapid healing. They will often recover from wounds in minutes. This is because every fiber of their cellular structure is infused with magic and life force.
    There are two other planets in the Mystic universe Kosmos and Theos. Kosmos is famously backwater in the mystic universe. Due to a complicated serious of political struggles. It never developed a centralized government and wars are periodic part of life. Theos is of not because of its strong theocratic government which believes that the Eye is a direct manifestation of the Holy Sophios in the world and is the womb of Sophios.

    Due to poor harvest rates, this universe never developed strong centralization. The planets constantly move from famine to plague to strife. Because of the lack of food, it is not uncommon for people to take to raiding others for food, to prevent these raids, power was placed into the hands of small scale aristocrats rather than a distant king. It is also for this region that technological progression is slow beyond reckoning.
    The nobles or belladors tend to spend their time mastering the arts of war to protect their land and peasants from raids and exploiting the same for their own ends. Wars are common place throughout the Feudal Universe one of the many ways the worlds use to keep their populations from reaching starvation levels. And yet the people starve anyway.
    The nearest planet to the sun Antioch is a primarily desert planet that is only able to support human life through careful use of irrigation of it view rivers and springs. Armor is seldom used because it can cause heatstroke under the blazing heat of the desert. It is also because of this that most battle takes place at night by common agreement . Since Antioch also has no moon, night is pitch black, so over the millenia the people of Antioch have developed the ability to see well at night and fight in complete darkness. Because of the lack of armor, weapons of choice tend to be light curved blades and thrusting weapons. As a people, those from Antioch have a great love of astrology.
    After Antioch come Acre, which has more close to middling temperature however the grasslands are completely infertile for all but shrubs and the occasional tree. Across the great plains travel great herds of goats and cows which are the only source of food for these people. However, because of the lack of plant matter, massive tracts of land are required to support even a small village. Because of the large expanses of empty field, the people of Acre are masters of husbandry and their cavalry is without peer. They charge into battle atop great warhorses and specialize in various spears and polearms, as well as javelins and bows. However, the focus on riding, leaves their legs relatively weak compared to the rest of their body. They compensate with some of the best tactical minds in the Feudal universe.

    Edessa is the second furthest from the star and is primarily located in a several islands (of about 1000 miles in area) in a planet spanning ocean. These islands are completely isolated from each other at present, but they all developed from a single root culture that existed before the seas became impassable due to storms. Fishing is the primary means of sustenance as the islands are primarily rocky. However, battles still rage across these islands for important ports and in pursuit of great schools of fish. The soldiers of this world are comprised either of peasant sailor/soldiers or the noble swordsmen. The swordsmen treat the peasants with disdain as dishonorable and meager. They specialize in use of slightly curved or straight sword and wear light armor in battle. They have high codes of honor and will not shirk a duel. The sailors on the other hand specialize in fighting on the decks of ships and use nets, harpoons, and other fishing tools that have been reworked for fighting purposes.
    The most distant planet from the sun is perhaps the most inhospitable, Jaffa. Its surface is racked by snow storms constantly and it leaves the surface unable to grow crops. However, the people of Jaffa primarily live in the planets massive network of caves and tunnels, using the warm spring steam to grow various kinds of fungus and lichen that can be eaten. They also eat large (up to two feet long) insects, call Sidon. One Jaffa there are many large mineral deposits and the planets people have learned to make the finest weapons and armor. They typically go into battle deck in full plate armor. Their weapons of choice are massive two handed, swords, axes and mace, whatever it takes to break the heavy armor the opponent is encased in.

    The Forgotten:
    This universe is located at the point of polarity from the Mystic universe and in its center is the cosmic hole known as the "The Maw of Unlight". The blackness from this well of unbeing baptizes this world in non-life and making it deadly to those whose souls are not steeled for it. The substance of the maw also fills those who live their with a measure of its demonic power, however, that power gnaws at their souls, turning them into husks of the men they once were. Malevolent shades of their former glory. The black-light also condenses into demons of various descriptions.

    Nothing is known about this world, because there are none who enter and tell of what is within. All that can be gleaned is that it is possess a number of worlds with names, Tantalus, Limbo, and Pandemonium.

    No large groups of humans live in this world.

    Sample Character Sheets

    Weapons: One main, Two side
    Origin: (Only use if one of the Six Masters all of the Masters something Physicel about them that is different from the others. Ex. Takaya's left arm.)
    Side: (Aoshi's, Your universes, One of the masters, Rouge.)

    There will be only Six masters in a first come first service manner.

    Name: Takaya Ohgi
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Male
    Race: Alchemic. The only one left.
    Universe: Alchemic but lived in Mystic
    Apperance: This is his normal self. His darkself is the same with his red arm given a black recolor.

    Personality: From the exposer to his fathers power Takaya now has twin personalitys. His first is his normal self who is still gentle, kind, caring and an all around good person who only wishs to protect those he cares for. His new darker side is when he losed control over the power sealed within himself by his father. When he is in this state his shapeshifting power is actived. it causes his clothes eyes and ahir to turn black while it also makes im the very opposite of himself. He is rude, cruel, evil and cares for no one or nothing. Only power and how much more he can get. This form is known to Takaya as his fathers second son. His twin brother.
    Abilities/skills: Being from the Alchemic Universe and the the metal like arm incased on his left arm, Takaya can transformation his appearance, shapeshifter and change matter around creating something new for a limited time. Also from his training in the Mystic, and Fuedal universes Takya can manipulate the elements, Fire, wind and earth only, and use a sword in his powers. He can also jump from heioghts landing on his feet without breaking bones. only about 50 feet however. he is not the slow but can run and fight at a high level of speed.
    Weapons: The sword in the picture. It is known as Lions heart and was past down to him by his father. it is very durable, being about to cut throught metal. It can also be used to transform into another weapons. However takaya never does this unless he must. Or wants to.

    Origin: The Alcemic universe. A universe were his ftehr and Aoshi were born. His father however destroyed in when he became the High Lord. Takaya wasn'e born yet andf his mother fled to the Mystic universe where she died at birth. the mark showing that he is one of the masters is his whole left arm. it is the source of his power and the key to unlocking the true potential of the stones.

    Bio: As stated Takya grew up in the mystic not knowing about his parents. he only knew that his father was a very strong anf powerful warrior. When it was time for the tournament takaya set out with others to fight. he lost many friends in that tournament and lost the love of his life. Fueled by that anger Takaya was about to defeat and kill his father. The resulting clash of thier powers sealed most of Takaya's true power inside of his arm and chest. Takaya then fell into a deep sleep after darkness covered his body and mind. He has been sealed from that day. Only when those with the pride and power of a master join together an he be relased. As they say.
    Side: Masters
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