*I apologies prehand if this has been done before recently, I did search for another thread like it but I'm very lousy at finding things ^_^*

If you could have one thing in the world what would it be, There are a few rules along with this which I shall list under here =) do post images and or text any is fine. Do make sure though that if the image is big try and thumbnail it =) Always a little easier to look and read threads when there are not 1000x1000 pictures all over hehe =)

Ok Rules are as follows... Has to be a single object and something that actually exists, Cannot just be money (Boring :P Be creative!), Cannot be a living human being or dead one for that matter =D but I doubt many people want a corpse BUT other living things are allowed E.I Animals

If I think if anything else I shall edit the post

Anyway I'm trying to think of my answer =P Been thinking for a bit now and its so hard to pick something hehe. Will again update my post once I've though of what I would like =D

Have fun choosing =)