Last week, on my way to work I was walking with this very attractive co. worker to the bus stop. On the way we saw a group of four kids (Probably mid teens) chasing some chickens on the footpath, laughing and giggling away. I found this to be extremely cruel, and on any other given day I would walk up and smash the living crap out of them, but today, I was with a girl. I decided it was best to lay low. I walked past them and to the bus stop, sat down and was watching them.

Right then one of the kids punted the chicken. After seeing this I could no longer contain myself, I stood up and yelled, "Oi! Why don't you leave the chickens alone!"
Three of the kids backed off, but one of them was African, no doubt the leader, walked up and started telling me to make him, the others followed. I was quite confident I could take the four of them, being older and being quite comfortable with my physical condition. I just had to make sure I took out the leader first. I was however a little discontent to fight them because I was worried about the girl I was with, but I decided that torturing a chicken was too much for me to take.

As they got closer, I was ready to smack one of them in the face, when all of a sudden three guys (probably in their late teens) ran past me and started smashing the crap out of these four kids. Everyone else at the bus stop started cheering and clapping.
I sat back down and watched as these kids got what was coming to them. On top of this not only was everyone on the bus cheering me on as well, but now this very attractive co. worker wants to get into my pants.

I was just wondering, when has justice been on your side? When have you become a hero?